Nobody likes a cheater

With all the jubilant Democrat and mainstream media high fives that have gone on the last few days, you would have thought that a real victory had taken place. Just do a Google news search on “Health Care Victory”. Every story is claiming it as such.

What someone forgot along the way is that Americans hate cheaters. I mean we really despise them. Who’s the throwaway villain in every old western? The guy with a card up his sleeve. What made the Soviet boxer so evil in Rocky IV? He was doped. Why was Tanya Harding so overwhelmingly ran out of Olympic skating? She tried to cheat to win.

Yes, there’s a victory lap going on, and even some conservative commentators are wondering whether the “anger” will remain when the November elections are still months away. But it’s a victory lap made up of cheaters. From the day Senator Scott Brown was sworn in to the day the president signed the new health care debacle into law, the Democrats have cheated. When they didn’t have enough votes in the House, they bribed, bought, and pressured their way to the finish line. When they didn’t have enough votes in the Senate, they went nuclear. (Yes, let’s stop calling it the “nuclear option” for Republicans and “Reconciliation” for Democrats, shall we?). Just for good measure and without any evidence at all, they tried to tarnish the reputations of Tea Party protesters, hoping to make anyone opposed look extremist.

Despite the corniness of the movie itself, can anyone forget the villain in Rocky IV? Does anyone not know who Tanya Harding is? Does anyone really think that we’ll forget a victory lap where the “winner” tripped the opponent right before the finish line? (Then stopped to brag about it).

Americans hate cheaters. Come November, Americans won’t forget. (The last video is just for fun, but even Bob Barker was thrown for a loop).