Who is criticizing Joe Wilson? *cough cough*

Back in November after the election I tried to make the argument that we really didn’t need John McCain as a spokeperson for conservatives, Republicans or for the right in general. I really was ready for McCain to go back to his “I’m-on-Letterman/CNN/MSNBC-let-me-criticize-my-own-party” hole and leave the rest of us alone to take back our country. Some responded that my point was invalid, because he was campaigning for Senator Chambliss in GA, and McCain won GA, so it “helps”. My point then was the same as it is now – Georgia was a red state despite the fact that McCain was on the ticket, not because of it.

I could name a hundred examples to prove my point, but here is John McCain again, one of the first Republicans to criticize the “you lie” shout by Rep. Joe Wilson during last night’s presidential address.

McCain called the outburst “totally disrespectful and demanded an apology. He said, there is “no place for it in that setting or any other and he should apologize immediately.

In 2005, the entire Democrat section during President Bush’s State of the Union booed him loudly. If Joe Wilson had simply booed during that moment, would the response have been the same? I think so. He would still be condemned.

John McCain will never learn, but for everyone else still asleep, let me give my two cents: the Democrats are not playing by the same rules of “civility” that they are trying to hold the right to, so stop worrying about what they think.

John McCain, you are a hero for your military service, but your “service” to your own party has been less than stellar, and that’s me being very civil.