Cap n Tax includes tree planting! Yeh!

The Cap and Tax bill includes a provision to give the Secretary of Energy the right to start tree planting programs. In fact, it claims that if you spend $1 on planting a tree, you’ll get $2-$3 back because you’ll save energy when the tree provides shade for your home! I love these phantom numbers. Do you mean I’ll literally get $3 back? No, its just a figure based on a study that isn’t detailed in the bill.Further, this is just hard to believe. Have you ever planted a tree? Do you know how hard it is to plant a BIG tree? How about several trees big enough to shade your house? How long do you think it takes for a tree you buy at Home Depot to grow big enough to shade your home? This is an incredible power grab and some of the most useless garbledy goo science I have ever read in my life, and its actually being pushed seriously by the Democrat party.

More on this to come, but here’s the quote directly from the bill.


    (a) Findings- The Congress finds that–
    • (1) the utility sector is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States today, producing approximately one-third of the country’s emissions;
    • (2) heating and cooling homes accounts for nearly 60 percent of residential electricity usage in the United States;
    • (3) shade trees planted in strategic locations can reduce residential cooling costs by as much as 30 percent;
    • (4) shade trees have significant clean-air benefits associated with them;
    • (5) every 100 healthy large trees removes about 300 pounds of air pollution (including particulate matter and ozone) and about 15 tons of carbon dioxide from the air each year;
    • (6) tree cover on private property and on newly-developed land has declined since the 1970s, even while emissions from transportation and industry have been rising; and
    (7) in over a dozen test cities across the United States, increasing urban tree cover has generated between two and five dollars in savings for every dollar invested in such tree planting.