Cap n' Trade is more important than affairs

Right up front – conservatives had better be watching what’s going on behind the curtain, because there has been little to no mention of the Cap and Trade legislation coming for a vote this Friday. It’s 19 minutes into the Sean Hannity show, and he’s playing an abnormally long piece of audio from soon-to-be-former Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Sanford is describing a trip to Argentina where he had an affair. This is not the press conference of a disgraced corrupt politician, this is just weird.

But the important part of all this is that between Iran, health care discussions and Sanford, the press isn’t paying any attention to the environutal legislation called Cap and Trade, which by most accounts, including those of then candidate Barack Obama in 2007, will increase energy costs by 300% or more in some areas of the country. It will destroy some industries all together.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt Hannity’s conservative credentials, just his focus. There is no need to play this news conference, it will be over played in the media in the next few days like you have never seen. As I write this he’s taking calls about the affair.

I know some will say that Republicans sure did focus on Bill Clinton’s “handy work” – but let’s not forget that he lied about it under oath. Different story. John Edwards? He ran and hid in a hotel bathroom as all but the Enquirer outed him and his love child, and the man was trying to become the Democratic nominee for president, while having an affair, while his wife had cancer. I would say the circumstances warranted something different in coverage.

Conservatives had better get their ducks in a row and sharpen their focus. We have three and a half more years (at least) of dealing with Obama and at least until the elections of 2010, probably 2012, of dealing with a Democrat controlled congress. The press will want to focus on everything but these liberal votes.

Even if he’s a governor, is one man’s affair more important than a vote that will affect millions of people in a negative way?  It’s a weird, strange, story. But let that be covered on the back pages where it should, or on Dr. Phil. The Cap and Trade proposal is much more dangerous than this, and the fact that Pelosi and crew are trying to sneak it in while our head’s are turned is all the more evidence we better be paying attention.