Who's campaigning for Chambliss?!

Georgia’s Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a Republican, won most of the votes in his state’s race for U.S.Senate, but not enough to avoid a runoff with his challenger. (What’s his challenger’s name? Oh, I forgot, I don’t care.)

The most important part of this race, which will be decided with another vote in December, is that Republican’s desperately need to hold on to as many senate seats as they can. (Especially in light of the Minnesota race, which is another sad story).

So, who comes out to campaign for Sen. Chambliss? John McCain.

Didn’t he just lose the presidential race? Is that who we really want showing up at campaign rallies to ‘stir up the crowds’?

Now, before I get any ‘hey you moron’ emails, let me just say that I voted for John McCain. I think, honestly, that he is a true American hero, and that he’s an honorable man. I wanted him to win. Badly. But like a lot of people, I wanted him to win because I really wanted Barack Obama to lose. Badly.

Now let’s face facts. The McCain campaign for president really wasn’t run very well. I won’t get into a rehash ‘what went wrong’ digression, but this is the truth. McCain was all over the map on issues. He weirdly suspended his campaign during the supposed crisis. He wouldn’t take the gloves off allowing the use of radical associations or even the speaking of his opponents middle name, and he hasn’t denounced the post-election trashing of his former running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin. (Which was the one bright spot in his campaign decisions).

I may be on my own here, but I’m ready to get past the whole McCain campaign. I really don’t want to see him give another speech right now. It’s funny, because I don’t mind seeing Gov. Sarah Palin at all. Somehow, I think we all know she came out of the campaign a winner, regardless of the actual result.

She is the future. It may not be politically correct, and I’m not speaking of age here, but McCain is the past.

(If reports are true, Palin will be campaigning for Chambliss as well, which is a good thing.)

Sen. McCain should go back to the senate, now. He can keep catering to independents who voted for Obama anyway, and he can keep patting conservatives on the head like a pet he just tolerates around election time.

The bottom line- if voters were not inspired to turn out and vote for Sen. McCain in Nov., then is McCain really helping Sen. Chambliss now?