An Open Letter to the Perry Campaign

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

In the wake of a 5th place Iowa finish, the Perry campaign seemed to be teetering in the brink of irrelevancy.   He finished lower than a senator who lost his last election by a staggering margin and a sitting congressman who many consider to be a loon.  Today marks a major reality check for Rick Perry and his campaign staff.

But all is not lost.  The Governor heads to South Carolina to continue the marathon.  Good for him.  But if he wants to have a shot at the nomination, here’s what this humble writer thinks he needs to do.

 Make this nomination about the economy and jobs. 

Conservatives and republicans have been very distracted during this primary season.   Yes, closing the border and solving illegal immigration and moving power back to the states are all important issues, but they all take a back seat to jobs.  Barack Obama isn’t going to lose to a republican because the republican has a better plan to close the border.  As much as James Madison cringes in his grave at this, Barack Obama is not going to lose to a republican because the republican wants to return rightful authority to the states and to a constitutional federal government. 

But Barack Obama will lose to a republican who can convince the American people that he knows how to get the job market to grow, how to actually reduce the number of unemployed people rather than reducing the number of people seeking work.

Jobs are Rick Perry’s wheelhouse.  His four principles of job creation need to be repeated again and again ad nauseam.   As he himself said when he announced his candidacy at the RedState Gathering:

One is don’t spend all of the money. Two is keeping the taxes low and under control. Three is you have your regulatory climate fair and predictable. Four is reform the legal system so frivolous lawsuits don’t paralyze employers that are trying to create jobs.

I would add that he needs to explain how each of these allows for a growing economy

  • Don’t spend all the money, because if you do, people are smart enough to figure out that their taxes are going to go up.
  • Keep taxes low and under control, because taxes discourage activity.
  • Keep regulations fair and predictable because if starting or expanding a business is a pain in the rear, people aren’t going to want to do it.  This includes both paperwork and environmental compliance.
  • Reform the legal system against frivolous lawsuits.  Outside of property and equipment, insurance is the largest overhead expense of a business.  If lawsuits are limited, so are insurance costs.

No one who will face Rick Perry on a debate stage whether in the primary or the general election has his record of jobs under his governorship.  So don’t be distracted by Gardasil, DREAM Acts, Gays in the Military and Prayer, and other lesser points.   Perry’s mistake up until today is that he’s allowed himself and his campaign to get distracted by all these important, but lesser points at the expense of the major point.  This election is about J O B S and will be won or lost on jobs.


Bring up jobs at every opportunity in the debates:

Every one of Rick Perry’s platforms does connect to jobs in some way, but often the connection is loose or unnoticed by the casual viewer and voter.   I know it’s hard to do in 30 seconds or less, but every point needs to be connected to jobs:  cutting spending needs to be connected to jobs, increased energy needs to be connected to jobs, repeal Obamacare = jobs.  It can be done, it needs to be done.  Nothing will set him apart from the others more than jobs.


Form an alliance with Newt Gingrich:

As long as Newt and Perry are both in the race, neither will win.  Since Governor Perry has a stronger record as an executive, somehow he and Newt need to get on the same team so that they unite the Anti-Romney vote rather than divide it.    Newt would make a great chief of staff or senior advisor to a President Perry.  On the primary trail, Newt would chew up Mitt Romney and spit him out like bad tasting liver.   Having Newt on his side would convince many conservatives who want someone who is more rhetorically capable as the nominee that he does want to champion the conservative message both to the common man and to the intellectual.


Pray, Pray, and Pray:

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain” – Psalm 127:1

Nothing will be accomplished apart from God’s will or apart from His action.  Keep praying that he use your work and you as he sees fit.


Thanks for reading.  God Bless and Go Rick Perry!