On National Security, Trump wants to turn America *INTO* China!

Trump loves to whine about China ‘beating’ the United States.

It’s his stock-in-trade economic message, repeated more than anything he has ever said about immgration…

Except when he doesn’t…

There’s the whole thing about Tiennamen Square being ‘a riot’, and the Chinese Government being ‘strong’…

But it doesn’t stop there:

Trump’s ‘Solution’ to our national security challenge might-as-well be copied right out of the Chinese playbook:

1) Built a “Great Wall’ on the border

The Chinese did it to stop the Mongols from conducting cavalry-raids across the border. Climbing the wall was one thing, but you couldn’t bring your horses across it, and that was supposed to be that… It didn’t *entirely* work back then & is militarily useless now – a tourist attraction, not a viable defensive obstacle.

2) Maintain a defensive military force that is never forward deployed & lacks power-projection capability or global pre-positioning

The Chinese don’t project military power. Rather, they sit in China behind a numerically-strong but technologically weak force and say ‘you’d never dare invade us’. They have been involved in Korea & Vietnam – and some minor meddling in Africa, but generally China does not project power more than one neighbor-state away from their own borders

How many naval bases to the Chinese have in Europe? The Middle East? The Med? The Americas? None.

Trump’s ‘bring them home’ talking points fit this strategy to a T.

3) Punish the families of ‘threats’

This is one that the Red Chinese are famous for… To the point of sending the relatives of ‘enemies of the State’ the bill for the ammunition used in said person’s execution. And who’s an ‘enemy of the state’? Why, anyone who disagrees with the Regime, of course!

Sound familliar? ‘Kill their Families?’ anyone?

3) Restrict Immigration & Censor the Internet

China infamously censors the Internet & sets government policy based on keeping the blood & culture of China ‘pure’ from foreign influence. Anything the government considers dangerous, or a ‘threat’ to the regime (including the truth about Tienanmen Square) is blocked.

This is Trump’s grand plan for dealing with Islamic Jihad. Rather than doing the ‘American Thing’, going over-there and kicking their asses… Trump wants to ban Muslims from coming to the US (but of course has no plan as to how to ID who is and is not Muslim – making the ban pointless) and then he wants to ‘take down the Internet’ from ‘certain places’ where Islamisim is an issue.

How very Chinese of you, Mr Trump

America does not need this sort of cowardice.

We do not hide from our enemies behind walled borders… Nor do we censor what our people can read on the web because we are afraid of ‘dangerous ideas’ (once you censor Jihadisim, what’s next? Anything the regime does not like, that’s what).

Rather, America identifies our enemies, goes to THEIR homeland, and kills them dead. That is how we’ve done business for decades, and how we should continue to do business today…

It’s a far more effective solution, and it doesn’t depend on an omniscient & omnipotent police-state (as any plausible implementation of Trump’s Chinese-style plans inevitably do) to work.