Enough with this talk of a Trump/Cruz ticket...

Recently, we’ve seen a bunch of people post that ‘Cruz should team up with Trump’ – usually backed by some idiotic slam on ‘Washington DC’, as if the federal government itself rather than the Left, is our enemy…

That is a terrible idea, for multiple reasons:

1) DC is not the enemy. The federal government is not the enemy. Period. 

The federal government (or government, generally) is a ‘neutral’ source of power, neither good nor evil. That power which can be used for good, or for evil, depending on who wields it… While we have seen a great example of ‘for evil’ over the past 7 years, that does not make the power itself the enemy, it makes the person/movement who currently holds it (President Obama/Academic Leftisim/the Cleresy) the enemy.

You beat this evil by targeting those who engage in it, not by targeting *power itself* simply because it is being abused. Don’t blame the gun, blame the guy behind the trigger.

If conservatives want to actually ‘do conservative things’, we are going to need control of all 3 branches in DC – and the power that provides – to do them. ‘Burning down’ the federal government is not a viable strategy – it’s actually self-defeating.

2) Trump is just as much ‘the enemy’ as Obama.

As noted above, the ‘evil’ in our system is authoritarianism & leftism – ideologies which invariably lead those who follow them to abuse whatever power they gain access to. Trump is an authoritarian leftist – he is *on the other side*, and there is no ‘deal’ which can be made with him which does not result in our destruction.

The Trumpist argument isn’t ‘Obama is doing the wrong things’. It’s ‘Obama is doing things FOR THE WRONG PEOPLE’. They are perfectly fine with abuse of power, so long as  that power is abused for *their* benefit and not that of ‘the other’…

This is not an ideology that can coexist with conservatism in any way. It’s the same ideology Obama holds, just with a different beneficiary-class.

Tacking Ted Cruz onto the ass-end of this will not change it’s course, it will not prevent it from corrupting the Republican Party.

3) As Trump is an authoritarian egotist of at least the same magnitude as Obama, there is ZERO chance that a Cruz vice-presidency could alter the course of said 70-ton rolling ego-trip. 

Trump doesn’t respect his wives, or his business partners, or his customers. Why would he care what the holder of a constitutionally powerless office thinks about what he is doing?

4) Cruz as Trump’s VP has no up-side for a future presidential run.

If he runs & loses (almost assured) then Cruz – like Ryan – is damaged goods.

If he runs & wins, he is essentially obligated to make his own run for president as a tin-pot authoritarian a-hole (eg, a Trumpist) running for ‘his boss’ third term’.

No matter what happens, a Trump lash-up means conservatism DIES.

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