A Response to those who claim Convention Decision is 'unfair'

Alot has been said about the notion that choosing our nominee via a convention vote is ‘unfair’ – largely by Trump supporters who expect ‘their man’ to be the plurality-winner come July.

Somehow, it is ‘unfair’ to use a system whereby delegates are awarded to a candidate through state-level voting, where a winner MUST have the support of an outright majority of the delegates awarded in order to win, and where a tie (or plurality) goes to the floor of a deliberative body for a compomise vote…

Sorry, that’s CRAP. Complete, utter, ignorant crap.

Read the description of the aforementioned system again, and ask yourself: Was I talking about the Republican Convention… Or the Electoral College?

You see, the absolute-majority-of-delegates rule, and the mechanism for resolving a situation where no one gets such a majority is HOW WE ELECT OUR PRESIDENT – not just how we nominate the Republican candidate.

Substitute Electors for Delegates, and Congress for the Convention – and shrink the delegate number from 2000-some to 538… And you have the Electoral College system.

It is absolutely, positively ‘FAIR’ that the winner actually have the support of a TRUE majority of the delegates – not a plurality – to be nominated.

It is also absolutely fair that whoever *can* obtain such a majority be the nominee – not, per-se the person who walks in with the biggest plurality.

Perhaps, if the Trump camp wants to survive a convention battle, they should have paid more attention to actually being Republicans (and getting broad Republican/Conservative support), rather than trying to wreck the party from the inside & transform it into a hybrid between the LBJ Democrats & the UKIP…


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