This one graph says all you need to know about what happened in Iowa

WaPo has a bunch of Iowa post-mortem material up right now…

And one of their graphics makes a very poingant point.


(credit, Washington Post. See link at bottom of diary)

Of 4 categories (Evangelical, No College Degree, Has a Degree, and First-time voters), the college-educated, Evangelicals, and first-timers were the only categories that gained on 2012’s totals.

If that doesn’t sound like a ‘Trump, go the hell home’ turnout, I don’t know what is.

Donald sure-as-hell drove new voters to caucus – AGAINST HIM!

It will be interesting to see how NH turns out – and again, how (not if, but how) wrong the polls are…

I can’t call the Rubio v Cruz fight – which IMHO is something our party needs to have anyway – a good argument over what exactly we do or do not stand for…

But… It appears whoever first posted THIS:


May be quite right! There’s hope for this party yet!