GOP Leadership

Pelosi and her Democrat friends refused to address the energy crisis today, closing up shop early and refusing to vote on off-shore drilling. Off-shore drilling is a measurable and tangible solution to the energy crisis that we are experiencing. Funny thing is, Democrats probably complain most about high gas prices, but are doing the least to address it.

House Republicans decided they would not leave America “in the dark.” The democrat’s solution to the energy debate was merely turning off the lights on the Republicans, who refused to leave.

It should be noted that democrats were not only going home for the weekend, rather, they were leaving on a 5-week vacation.

The democrats left America’s energy crisis for another 5 weeks. They did not even work a full day today–they adjourned the meeting at 11:30am. Republicans, who have more respect for taxpayer money, stayed with microphones off, lights out, and c-span cameras off until 5pm.

They held their one-sided debate, addressing the real need of alternative fuel sources for the entirety of the day, and at the end of the day, they banded together and sang God Bless America and cheered “USA!!”

This is a day to remember. As Conservatives, we all need to band together and question democrats. Why would they only work half a work-day before going on a 5-week vacation? Most Americans cannot even take a 5 week vacation. Most Americans, when taking a 4 DAY vacation, have to put in an obnoxious amount of overtime before departure from their workstations. Why would they leave in such a time of ‘crisis.’ Crisis, by the way, is a widely used democrat term.

Inevitably, this will be hailed by democrats as a political stunt, or a temper tantrum. No, this was GOP leadership, and they showed that they put America first.