Interesting Question

*Liberalism is a broad class of political philosophies that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal.[1]

Liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity. Within liberalism there are various streams of thought which compete over the use of the term “liberal” and may propose very different policies, but they are generally united by their support for a number of principles, including freedom of thought and speech, limitations on the power of governments, the rule of law, an individual’s right to private property,[2] free markets,[2] and a transparent system of government.[3] All liberals, as well as some adherents of other political ideologies, support some variant of the form of government known as liberal democracy, with open and fair elections, where all citizens have equal rights by law.[4]*

I copied that from Wikipedia. I’ve been thinking, are we all liberals? I mean look for yourself and read the entire definition of the word liberal and what it entails to be a liberal. I’ve come up with half an explanation as to what type of liberal I might be. I think I might be a conservative liberal or a moderate liberal. You see the definition states that liberals believe in individual rights. They believe in free markets, capitalism, small government, and personal liberty.So when did the ideological tag “liberal” transform itself into socialist, freedom suppressing, appeasing, communist robot? I mean, at some point in time liberals were freedom loving, individual thought having, free market supporting rational folks. I consider myself, on those terms to be a liberal. I support capitalism and the free market, I’m against government intervention into the private sector and elsewhere, I don’t believe in government regulation when it comes to the environment, I support gun rights as a gun owner myself, I mean if that makes me a liberal then yes, I’m a liberal. Or am I a libertarian because the term liberal took on a whole new meaning entirely? I’m confused by this because of its origin.

If liberals support freedoms and the most basic rights of man in his daily life and in his professional life, then aren’t we all liberals or libertarians? Are you guys conservative liberals or what?

I support life, but when it comes to a situation where the mother could die during birth, I support an abortion. Does that make me a conservative liberal? If I’m conservative on social issues and liberal on political issues like free markets and the protection of US sovereignty, what am I? I don’t get it.

And is conservatism the replacement ideology picking up where liberalism originally left off before the socialists and communists took it over?