Open Thread:On This Thanksgiving Day

On this day families across America will gather to give thanks for the good health and safe keeping they enjoy throughout their daily lives. But on this day it is equally important that we not forget those, far away in a land very different than ours, their struggle for freedom and a chance at greatness. That we remember the blessed bounty endowed by our creator manifested on this day, and the coming holiday season. But back to those many who are not fortunate as we are to live in a country as free and as great as the United States of America.

Those people fight a battle against oppression and rule, by which their very basic rights are suppressed and micromanaged by dictators and authoritarians. To be fruitful and thankful for our own bonds of freedom and prosperity and forget those who do not share our claim would be to forget our own long struggle against a king and his mighty empire 200 years ago. I declare this day, as all of you do, a great one. But I also remain vigilant in the fight for freedom around this globe, along side my worldly neighbors. I will mention their cause, and their strife in my prayer; I hope you do the same. And in that prayer I will beckon to my creator to grant to them his gracious gift he has given the people of America. Despite the news of the past few months and weeks we live in the greatest nation god has given mankind. The envy of the world is not the might of our army nor the power of our navy, but the power of our freedom as the only weapon no man made bomb nor blade can deter.

All the peoples of this beloved and sacred nation gather to recognize just how blessed they are, and how much we cannot take for granted. As we’ve seen we can no longer rely on the mindset of “It will always be there” For if we do not preserve this beautiful bounty, sadly her grace and her treasures will soon fade into the winds of time and history. So as I end this short message I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. And to those out there in the world whose experiences are less than stellar, the people of this nation are with you and we will fight for you. And hopefully one day when the struggle against evil and oppression’s guns have been silenced, though you do not share our Thanksgiving holiday, hopefully you’ll have more reasons to be thankful in the future.