Yes I Will

I’m going to do something I’ve never really done before. I’m going to stand up for conservatism. I’m going to stand up against the apologists like Kathleen Parker and David Brooks who gravel at the feet of the liberal media. The ones who in every waking breath apologized for conservative values. David Brooks who all but endorsed Barack Obama. Making every ploy as to why despite his liberal positions Obama would make a better president than John McCain. David Brooks who ceded his principles so that the liberal firing squad wouldn’t light him up with bullets. To Kathleen Parker who wrote an article called “Giving Up On God” in the article she explained the reasons why the GOP should leave the Christian Coalition and the Evangelicals at the door before entering the political arena. People like that have no principle, only expediency and they ain’t to proud to beg.

To the Peggy Noonans’ of the world who made like she hadn’t arrived with the conservative crowd. The elite Republicans who dine with liberals but as soon as the night is over they pretend to be like the “folks” These people are liberal Republican wolves in sheep’s clothing. The only thing they liked about conservatism was Ronald Reagan. Not because Reagan had conservative values, but because Reagan was attractive, fresh, and gave great speeches; sound familiar?

All throughout this campaign who saw the pseudo-conservatives willing to throw each and every one of you under the bus to save their own hide and remain relevant. The media had them afraid to voice their own conservative views, although I doubt they ever really had any to begin with.How dare Kathleen Parker throw the Evangelicals under the bus and talk about them like a bunch of narrow minded bible squeezing cavemen. There’s nothing worse than a person who sells their own hide or the hide of others to avoid the blade. These people like Parker and Noonan, and Brooks are the exact types to do so. They sold the rest of you out because well, their friends are liberals, their friends supported and voted for Barack Obama, and their friends don’t like Sarah Palin and think conservatism is old world ideology. Let me tell you something Kathleen Parker, you “Sex and the City Republican” it’s not social issues that are irrelevant, it’s the way in which our candidates campaign that determines whether or not we can be successful as a party. God love him but McCain didn’t want it as bad as Obama did. It had nothing to do with social issues or evangelical voters. When people like Kathleen Parker say we have to abandon religion or our social issues stance then those people are starting to turn. Those people are rethinking their own alliances and where they’ve stood on the issues all these years. Either that or they finally have a reason to leave a party and abandon an ideology they were never fully on board with in the first place.

Obama’s candidacy gave the pseudo-conservatives a reason to lash out against the GOP and abandon ship before it went down. Those of us who stayed on board were dumb, neo-con bible thumpers who aren’t open minded enough to accept “change” You know we oughta throw Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan, and David Brooks out of the party. Not because they’re liberal Republicans, but because they’re liberal Republicans posing as “conservatives” You could see it on David Brook’s face, it pained him to say one good thing about conservatism during this election. It’s like he was the embarrassed teenager whose parents were at his 18th birthday party dancing and trying to act cool around his friends.

I’m a moderate Republican and I’m proud of that. When I joined this party I let all my conservative friends know that I’m a Clinton moderate and I will never sacrifice my principle for anyone or any party. I told them to never do the same either. To always stand up for your principles no matter how many softies want to jump ship. The worst thing you can do is explain away your own core values because someone outside the box might think they’re too narrow. I never explain away my centrism. I love being a centrist and I contest anyone who dare try and make me less proud to be one. I’m a foot soldier in the Clinton revolution. The moderates who oppose globalization at the same time reject big government and soft power.

I stand for my beliefs and I respect my conservative colleagues here at Red State for doing the same. We’re better off without the apologists and the excuse makers who want to pan us off as some mentally challenged rednecks who are too stupid to vote for their own self interests. I’d vote ten times over for the safety and the preservation of social conservatism and no one will ever make me do otherwise.