Credit To Obama

He led the citizens of Hope, Arkansas, then he made his way into the White House for eight years, now he’s back and he’s taking the country with him. Now your first guest my be Bill Clinton right? But no, surprisingly the Clinton administration is being ushered back in by Barack Obama. Yes folks that’s right, a third term of not George Bush, but Bill Clinton is about to reign in Washington DC. Barack Obama, could he be anymore snubbing the left?

It’s just like with the FISA bill, Obama’s not even trying to hide it. He’s just in plain sight snubbing the left and dumping them after he successfully used them to get into the White House. Ah, old style politics, how I’ve missed you. And to be honest I have to give Obama a lot of credit. I mean he’s basically shutting these people up and rendering them obsolete and irrelevant in one cabinet appointee after another. The latest names leaked are Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as the head of Homeland Security and former Senator Tom Daschle as the head of Health and Human Services. Both picks sparked negative articles from lefty journalists proclaiming the current appointees are a disappointment.

Apparently the left didn’t get the memo. Obama used you, you fools. He never believed in his own message. How many times do I have to write about this? It seems with every cabinet choice Obama makes the left goes more weary by the day. I know, maybe this is the kryptonite used to vanquish liberalism? So if Obama keeps choosing moderates and small “c” conservatives to his cabinet the progressives will finally go back underground forever. One can dream at least right?

Well I have news for the left. Obama’s idle was a Republican who believed strongly in bipartisan governance and building diverse coalition of cabinet members. Obama identifies more with Lincoln than FDR or George McGovern. And he’s no Euro style progressive either. He’s a born again christian, old style Chicago politician who took advantage of people who were dependent upon him in ways we’ve never seen before. He devoured what was left of puny meaningless lives and turn them into a ticket to the White House. You can’t fault the man nor get angry, you can only give him credit for marginalizing the left without hesitation and without effort. It’s like he sung them songs as he led them off a cliff into black, fading in the distance as they continue to chant his name while going down into the abyss below. Yes, in fact we should thank Mr. Obama for taking out the left so us Republicans wouldn’t have to.And to the disgusting circle jerk formation of the mainstream media, your time will come soon enough. Obama will treat you like all the other presidents before him. Wants he knows he has you in his back pocket you’ll be like a needy girlfriend to him. He’ll string you along knowing you’ll come running back to him because you can’t get enough. You’ll never realize the absurd and pathetic measures in which you’ll go to garner his attention over the rest in which you compete against. Yes, that’s exactly how a needy girlfriend would act.