From A Moderate To A Reasonable Thinker

There’s been some negative reactions coming from the Obama camp as well as some of his most ardent supporters. They’re not so keen to the idea of Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State. In fact they’re not so keen to the idea of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff, Obama meeting with John McCain, or the prospects of Robert Gates staying on as Defense Secretary.

The emotions felt in the Obama run for president lingered even if Obama himself got over the hype, the passion, and the fanfare. His supporters are getting annoyed with his recent moves because well, they’re wondering where the change is in all of this. A Democratic Strategist close to Obama said that his supporters believed in his campaign and his candidacy more than Obama himself did. This is the part where a lot of letdown will potentially hurt Obama. You see because he owes a lot of hard left organizations and power brokers, not only that the millions of young wide eyed college liberals who basically worshiped Obama are left with a feeling of betrayal because of Obama’s lack of change.

You see when you promise big things and you don’t deliver to those who believed every word you said then you find yourself in some trouble. Sure his supporters were dumb enough to actually believe everything Obama said, but at the same time Obama should have toned down on the lofty, atmospheric promises that no president can deliver in these times. Lowering oceans, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combating global warming, giving every young person a means to pay for college, jobbing the jobless, feeding the hungry as he once said in his nomination speech. All of those sound great to naive and impressionable ears but to those who deal within the limits of reality and reason, they sounded foolish and dangerous to even offer.

So the minute Obama glides over the left wing agenda he ran on during the Democratic Primary, the voices in the activist wing of the party who control Pelosi, Reid and the other western Democrats will become furious over the flat out neglect of their ideas. This is also dangerous Mr. ObamaYou see the ones who made you can destroy you, just ask your new Secretary of State and her husband. Moveon was created when Bubba was on trial for sexual deviation in the White House, during this campaign they slashed and burned the Big Dog in favor of their newest agenda pusher, Barack Obama. They poured millions into his campaign and opened Obama Central on the internet and NBC and like networks. Now it’s time for Obama to pay the piper, question is how much does the piper want in bounty? Does he want a radical progressive agenda or just a few new laws here and there? I’m betting on the prior.

So my words of advice to President elect Barry is watch your butt. The left is like a mafia crime family. Many compartments to them and if they don’t get what they want then they whack politicians, not literally of course but hey, they have yet to surprise me with just how far and how low they’ll sink to push their radical agendas.

That agenda is simple. They don’t want any Republicans in Obama’s cabinet or circle, they don’t want Hillary Clinton anywhere near the White House, they want Obama to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, they want Obama to give illegal immigrants amnesty, they want the Fairness Doctrine, they want the 60 Democratic filibuster blockade, they want universal health care, they want UN led foreign policy, they want progressive and secular ideas, they want Supreme Court justices who legislate from the bench. So far Obama is against half of what they want, and Hillary Clinton has already made it back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It looks like the left is starting to get pissed off at their prodigal son. I knew these next four years were going to be interesting. See Republicans, we don’t have it so bad after all. The Democrats are doing our job for us.