Change We Can Believe In?

Yes We Can, Yes We Can. Change You Can Believe In! Well, not quite but okay if you really believed that sort of stuff then it’s fine.

It seems President elect Barack Obama is about to add another Clintonista to his arsenal. This time it’s Senator Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. I don’t know about you but this is starting to reassure me about “the one” at least for now. You see Hillary Clinton brings not only experience but conservative foreign policy points of view to the position. I’d say she’s to the right of George Bush and Condi Rice. She’s certainly to the right of Obama and to be honest she makes up for Obama’s lack of well, you know the term. Just look at her record, she voted for the Iraq war, she voted for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard legislation, she said if Iran attacked Israel the United States would obliterate them, she’s the type of hawk we need right now when our president is such a dove when it comes to foreign issues.

I mean ask yourself who you’d rather have standing up to Ahmadenijad or Vladimir Putin? Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? That’s a no brainer folks. Plus this almost certainly puts John Kerry’s bid for the Sec of State job on ice. God, please don’t let that obsolete, irrelevant buffoon get the job. I know, many of my conservatives friends here on Red State might object to this but you have to admit Hillary is the best choice for this job.

And for those who bought into the “Change We Can Believe In” talking point well, a team of Clinton era advisers and cabinet members isn’t change, it’s intelligence we can believe in. It’s eight years of peace and prosperity we can believe in. Obama is smarter than people gave him credit for. Yes the left is up in arms over the amount of conservative and moderate Clintonites Obama has on his team but they should have known this man wasn’t about to keep his promises. Especially if he wants to run for reelection in 2012.You can’t win nor govern successfully on an ultra leftist agenda. Jimmy Carter tried that and failed. Besides who else is there for Obama to turn to? No one wants to have a bunch of politicians from the activist wing of the Democratic party as members of their cabinet. That’s like going into a war an army brigade of pacifists. Again, all those wide eyed suburban college students with their granola and their Honda Prius were dumb enough to take Obama’s campaign slogan as actual truth. Let me tell you all something, campaign slogans are never honest. That’s why their called slogans.

So it’s kind of nice to see Barry abandon the left like a frat boy never calling the girl he had a one night stand with. “Hello, Todd, it’s Amy, yeah from that one night. Um I was wondering if…” Click! the phone hangs up. Todd wants nothing to do with Amy. He got what he wanted. As did Obama. What the left wants from Obama is an activist cabinet. People who would appease our enemies and never make a wholehearted effort to find Bin Ladin or ensure Israel’s safety in the region. People who would implement far left policies and go after big business in America. But you can bet that as sure as the sun comes up in the early morn Hillary Clinton will kick a little ass and take some names. After all, she’s the one who famously asked voters if they’d want Barack Obama answering the phone at 3AM. Look’s like she’s going to be doing that. And if Obama chooses Larry Summers as his Treasury Secretary and maybe John McCain as Secretary of Defense, then we’re in business. But if he keeps Bob Gates that’s cool too. I don’t know, we may have something here guys.