I'm Gonna Miss George Bush

Here are some of the lighter moments of the Bush presidency. Now, don’t take this as me making fun of George Bush, I’m not. I’m really going to miss the Bush years because we’ve all gotten so used to them. It almost seems as if Bush had been president for more than eight years. And given the recent news overseas, I’m especially going to miss George Bush’s foreign policy. In my opinion he’s one of the most underrated and successful national security presidents in our history. Sort of like his dad was. We all remember FDR and World War II, Carter for his Iranian hostage crisis blunders, Reagan and the Cold War, Clinton and Bosnia, but few recall George Herbert Walker Bush and him bringing down the Berlin Wall and finishing what Reagan started. Perhaps history will shed more light on the son, than on the father. I believe Iraq will vindicate George W. Bush, that is, if the left-wing media doesn’t indict him for it years and years in the future. Here’s to you, Mr. President. A time now, to laugh.