I'm Going To Defend Barack Obama

Have you heard? President elect Barack Obama has made it cool again to be American. Well, at least that’s the sentiment from our global friends and Americans living and or working abroad. The Americans abroad were saying that they now feel proud to call themselves American as oppose to being not so proud? Well I mean one of the most unfair charges America as a whole had been tagged with was the claim that since George Bush had a horrific effect on world leaders, then America shared that same sort of arrogant approach to Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere. But you see it’s like Sarah Baxter said to Brett Baer, America never changed, the rest of the world did.

And so assuming the love fest and the great expectations of Barack Obama will carry on past his historic inauguration, well, forewarning to Europe and the rest of the world: Obama will look after American interests first and foremost. Sorry to disappoint, but don’t hold your breath. You see Obama is a politician, I suppose the world didn’t get the memo? Obama wants to send more troops into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and he will most certainly leave troops in Iraq. You see Europe’s biggest problem with the Bush Administration has been their willingness to act like they have balls. We all know that for the past eight years Europe has proven they have none. They’ve continually waved or thought about waving the white flag of surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in dealing with terrorism. Europe cannot solve their own Islamic extremist problem so they fold up their tent and relinquish their system of government and their laws.

But that is what makes America and our president “cool” again right? America’s willingness to actually stand and fight for freedom and our lively hood? You see if Europe has their way, Obama will adhere to their needs and demands. But we all know Obama better than the second rate Europeans who chant his name and go bananas over his very existence. Obama has stated in several news interviews that he will govern from the center, as all presidents do.Aside from opposing the Bush missile defense system in Poland Obama won’t rearrange the Bush Doctrine very much. In fact Obama will likely start another war, perhaps with Iran or inside Pakistan with Al-Qieda. So for all the Europeans who think Obama will be this magical Euro style “world” president you’re sadly mistaken. Obama gathered around him the most political, centrist, old style political figures in Washington. Paul Voker, Larry Summers, Colin Powell, Joe Biden, John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Richard Luger, and the most brutal son of a gun this side of the western hemisphere Rahm Emanuel, who goes by the nickname “Rahmbo” and when someone asked him what “Rahm” meant he said it was Hebrew for “screw you”. The same Rahm Emanuel who once told Republicans to “f” themselves.

My point is that America was always cool and one president can’t shake that or resurrect something that has always been. America gives more in humanitarian aid, food, and financial support than any other country in the world. America bailed out Europe twice, we bail out more countries than any other in the world, we’ve stopped more dictators in their tracks than any other country in the world, our Military has supported more global causes than any other nation in the world, and for all of that what is the response? America is blamed for everything, criticized, and now that we were the first country to take a real profound step, as we often are the first and only country to do so, all of the sudden America is the leader again, America is cool, everyone wants to be American now. I tell you about ungrateful second rate countries that act like spoiled children, but when they need something all of the sudden they want to make nice.

Barack Obama won’t change anything. Change was just a slogan and a damn good one because he’s our new president. Men who want sex say “I love you” You see? It’s that simple. Obama is a realist more than anything and he will govern based on what will help America succeed. He could give a rat’s butt about Europe or what the world thinks of his governing style. Bush and Obama are similar in that they both come off as if they don’t really worry about what the rest of the world thinks of them. Right now Obama has Europe and all the leaders in the EU eating from the palm of his hand. Obama could launch a missile into London and they wouldn’t do anything because they love him so much. I say the Obama fawning around the world is a good thing because America can get other countries to do our dirty work.

Can you believe British PM Gordon Brown and French president Nicholas Sarkozy actually debated on who talked to Obama on the phone longer. Talk about in the tank.