Rockford Grand New Party Speech Preview

Let us combine what is the best of us, in order to grow this party we both proudly call our own. Last Tuesday we witnessed the most profound indictment of the Republican Party since the time of Richard Nixon and Watergate. And the crimes committed by our leaders in Washington, the president, vice president, and the one time Republican Congress are equivalent to Nixon’s Watergate scandal. But as I’ve said before I will proudly say to you, our party will never fade into the throws of obscurity and irrelevance, but instead regain our moral compass and our deep rooted beliefs that were represented through Lincoln, and Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. My fellow student members we mustn’t forget the overall theme of our duty, and how those causes effect not only our own lives, but more importantly the lives of Americans in the future. For when we leave the halls of this prestigious and wonderful institution, we will embark on a path all our own, and change the course of history.

You know I’m often surprised at the engagement and the response by my fellow Republicans here at Rockford College. Whenever our voices were small in number we never felt as though we were too insignificant to hold favor along side our Democrat friends and classmates. And why is that? I believe it’s our principles that keep us grounded and remind us what we’re fighting for. There will be those who will challenge us to abandon our ideals, and to relinquish our true identity for sake of political gain and selfish agenda. But to them I say that I am not willing to sacrifice all that I am, for a stake in half truths and unjust practice. I cannot trade my beliefs for success, after all we’re nothing when our core has been forsaken, and the so called treasures we gave in to are spent.

I ask all of you here with me to never give up on the cause in which promotes independence and community. For without either fundamental tool, the house in which we reside cannot hold against the wicked winds of division and indoctrination. Without an inch of restraint on our own self aggrandizing motivations we will fall, without a firm grip on the tiller of our own agenda above the collect good at large this party and it’s future will surely crack and crumble. So again I ask you to hold off on the temptation to make it all about you, and rarely about others. So I end this coming together of young minds and innovative vision with these words:*To whom do you serve? Will you promote a cause that go undeterred, or will you let your beliefs be deferred? *