Are You Smarter Than Sarah Palin

Are you able to think on your own? Well, are you? Are you capable of acting as if you’re responsible for who you are and how you go about your daily lives? Apparently those who object to the very existence of Sarah Palin couldn’t possibly answer any of the questions I just asked. You want know why? Because they’re all mouth pieces and puppets that’s why. Broken records lacking the intellect and the individual gumption to think in a manner that signals independent thought. I find myself surrounded by those on television and in my own little world who take recycled sound bites and half truths delivered as credible information and puke it back to you as if they came up with the cockamamie notions on their own. Is this what where we’re headed for the next four years?

The liberal media gets to enjoy the under the table hand rub by Barack Obama(Chris Matthews must be happy right about now) The most important issue facing president elect Barack Obama is the very pressing choice of what type of dog he’s going to get for his daughters. Nah, never mind the economy, he’s going to give us all welfare checks so it should work itself out. Oh and the Russians deploying missiles in Poland to offset the US missile defense system, that’s irrelevant compared to the types of drapes his wife is going to buy for the White House. Get with the program you know nothings, the Obama’s are stylin’ and profilin.

But the most annoying gush fest comes from the less intelligent and serious media such as Hollywood Insider and Extra. They had a portion of the show called “Are You Smarter Than Sarah Palin” well I have a question for the host Mario Lopez, “Are you working more than one day a week?” “Are the Save By The Bell royalty checks supporting you in these economic times?” You see my own skepticism of Palin never transformed me into a mean spirited jerk. I was respectful in my concerns over her dealings with legit issues. Her wardrobe and her mistaking Grand Rapids, Michigan for Cedar Rapids, Iowa aren’t legit issues. I mean after all Iowa is but one state out of 57. Because well, not even George Bush made that mistake. And he once said “strategery”

So if the media is going to rail against Palin and drink from the Obama tree for the next four years then perhaps a pair of ear plugs and the device used in Men in Black to wipe away someone’s memory could be of good use. Gosh, how I miss the ever reliable team of common sense and independent thought. Where have you gone in such a time of ignorance and moronic dribble. Drool cup anyone?