What Was, What Happened, What's Next

Last night as I watched Senator Obama capture the presidency, two thoughts came to mind. My first though was my sense of pride. I was proud of a minority winning the White House. I don’t think my lack of trust or my suspicion of Barack Obama could hamper my feeling of pride and to be honest, happiness for him. Politically he’s just wrong for America. But symbolically he couldn’t be more right for America. As I sat around friends and classmates at Rockford I saw tears of sadness for McCain, and tears of joy for Obama. And I turned to one of my classmates who like me hoped for a McCain win, though deep down we both knew it wasn’t meant to be. I told her there was nothing we could do, McCain was but one man against the armies of history. He just didn’t have it in him to prevail.

The second thought that rang in my head was the utter failure of the Republican Party and the damage left behind by George Bush. My fellow RedStaters our party is absolutely broken, if there ever was. This party got the reality check it so desperately needed in order to survive the present and rebound in the future. Part of me said “You know what, we deserve this.” And I can’t find one Republican who thinks otherwise. We failed the American people and in return the American people have spoken. Barack Obama is our 44th president and I call on conservatives in the party to respect that. You may not support him but you have to recognize him as your president for the sake of unity and if you love your country you will do so.

McCain, god love him he’s one of my heroes but the wind was too strong for him to make it. Jesus himself would have lost as a Republican to Obama. History was calling for change and America answered.Last night as I watched the results: Iowa, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, all Republican territory in the past, represented the GOP no longer. As the numbers came in and the Electoral count had Obama with 200 and McCain with 90 I knew then that the GOP’s trial would resulted in a guilty verdict. In 2006 we were indicted, 2008 put on trial, and when California reported for Obama and the count hit 284 I knew, the Republican Party had been convicted for their crimes.

My friends the Reagan Era has truly come to an end. There is no room left to rationalize Reagan and Goldwater era conservatism. It’s over and we all know it. Now we have to go back into the tunnel, to the locker room, reflect, rise, and rejoin the rest of America. Liberal, moderate, conservative, apathetic, we all have to join together and help Barack Obama take this country out of the rut George Bush and the Democratic Congress put it in. I know many conservatives are in denial but it happened last night, and it happened for a reason.

So we must look to our future and rebuild. Like a major baseball team we spent all the money we could on the big name stars and the chemistry wasn’t there. And we lost what it meant to be a team in the process. Power, money, special interests, and narrow minded social dogma destroyed us. Ideas, inclusiveness, pragmatism, and genuine empathy for those outside the “Members only” club has to follow in order for this party to rebound. I’m telling you all straight, we have to drop this feet dragging conservatism. I don’t mean transform the party from a conservative to liberal or moderate, but we have to be able to reason with others instead of dragging our feet on issues that concern the majority. It’s time we focus least on what we want, and more on what the country wants. You cannot argue with that assessment.