The GOP Needs Young Grassroots Leadership

I’m running for Congress in the state of California in 2014. I’ll be the exact age eligible to run for such office. I’m running not only to restore some credibility to the GOP, but to also expand our party with young people and moderates who I’ve met in college and elsewhere. My own experience as a humanitarian allowed me to settle on a narrative of common sense and reason. I believe my party lost the will and ability to reason with the American people. So often the Republican Party fell slave to the conservatives dragging their feet on every issue that arose in this day and time. Now is the time however for our party to relinquish its tendency to close its doors to outsiders. Now is the time to lay down the weapons of division and litmus exams in order for people to become one of you. Why should they become one of you? Why can’t our party be diverse in both color, creed, and race, as well as ideology and vision?

That’s why I’m running for Congress in 2014. I want to show the rest of America that the Republican Party got the message in 2008. That the party finally listened and reflected on the utter rejection of our failed agendas and outdated ideas. And for me it’s simple. I want to start bringing more people into the party who are moderate, independent thinking, and reasonable in the way they approach politics. I no longer seek the approval of ideologues who cram themselves in a culture war that is quickly fading from the minds of many Americans who were born after the 1960s. It’s not our job to force feed conservatism to those who do not think like us, it’s our job, as the party of my hero Dwight Eisenhower and of president Lincoln to lead.When I run for Congress in California I will run on a platform of “Family, Freedom, Common Sense, and Consensus” One of the most prominent issues I’ve dealt with as a college student and a humanitarian is the issue of children and at risk youth. When I run for Congress I’m going to push for an agenda which allows funding for civic centers, community sports teams and after school programs for young children with working parents or in single parent households. I want to promote a social conservative agenda with a moderate political direction. Such as supporting a ban on gay marriage but also the states to hold decisions and not the federal government. I want to help secure our borders so that our sovereignty isn’t compromised. We need effective immigration laws that are profoundly successful, at the same time not alienating Mexican immigrants who seek a better life in America.

I want to encourage tougher child endangerment laws. We need to expand the police force in our cities, equip them with the latest and most effective tools, and that doesn’t mean guns or deadly weapons, but computer technology, the latest vehicles, and preemptive capabilities to deal with a crime before it gets out of hand.

There’s so much we can accomplish together as a party. So in 2014 I hope you join me and stand up for common sense. Our party is worth it, and so is this country.