I Hope McCain Wins

Watching live feeds from Fox News I saw two members of the New Black Panther Party standing outside a polling station in Philadelphia. One of the men was carrying a police nightstick and yelling “I’m tired of white supremacy” I hope we all learn how to act civil toward one another regardless of who wins. Sure we can go on and on about Obama and his radical nature, McCain representing Bush’s third term, but we must also understand that we’re all Americans and that cliche cannot be taken with a grain of salt. I fear that if Obama loses African Americans will riot and the racial wounds we thought would finally heal with Obama’s candidacy would only open more.

We can all hope for McCain to win and Obama supporters can hope Obama wins but we must all hope and pray this nations heals and united behind whomever takes the oath of office. We must remember that our voices count above anything else and we’ll always have the power to pick and choose the person we feel will represent our values and our better angels as Americans. That my friends sets us apart from any other nation on earth. Our sense of community and our fighting spirit. So let’s all go out there and vote, be respectful to the opposing side, even if they show disrespect to you. We’re all better than this.

And if McCain shall lose then we will united behind Barack Obama and make sure he doesn’t screw up. If he does then well, we’ll toss him out in four years. That’s the beauty of America.

Now, go out there and vote. It’ll make you feel a whole lot better.