Open Thread: I Hate America

If you don’t elect Barack Obama as your next president. Millions of irrelevant foreigners are crowding the internet to pledge their support for Barack Obama. Good thing they will never vote in this election or elections in the future. The fact of the matter is that many Europeans and others in the world are simply clueless when it comes to American voting methods and what we Americans take into account before we cast a ballot. First off whether you support Obama or McCain, I think I speak for everyone in the good ol’ US of A when I say that I’m proud to be an American and I’m proud of our democracy.

Yet the world seems to be reading from a list of demands like a gunman with a room full of hostages. One women from Russia said that the American people need to vote based on the world’s interests and not our own. Has it gotten to the point where America has to babysit the entire globe? Are people in other countries that incapable? Instead of depending on America to bail them out and coddle them, why not take a few pages from our playbook so you can be strong like us? Just a thought. One student in Cape Town said he supported Obama(no surprised) because Obama had a world view while McCain and Palin only cared about American issues such as lower taxes and a stronger American economy. The theme with the foreign voices seems to be this sense that America can no longer support and preserve its own national interests because the world depends on us so much for everything. So we Americans must be considerate of those who serve no benefit to our country nor do they vote.

Eh, just another reason why I’m proud to be an American. But I guess if wanting whats best for your country is a crime then why haven’t Europeans objected to Russia or China? Why is it always America who gets blamed? You mean to tell me that we can no longer ensure that our own country is safe, prosperous and well grounded for our own children and grandchildren? Uh, message to the global community watching this election: This is OUR election for OUR next president of OUR United States of OUR America. You have no say, no one’s listening, no one cares. Cause you can’t vote, so shut up and deal with whoever the AMERICAN people choose. We know what we’re doing. We wouldn’t have been around this long as the lone superpower in the world if we didn’t.