Open Letter(To Rabid Conservatives)

The rabid Palin conservatives once again take my post out of context. They seem to skip over my overall assessment in its right context and form almost effortlessly. Listen to what I’m saying. I like Sarah Palin, I’ve never smeared her nor have I ever contributed to any left wing attacks on her. She’s not qualified to be president or vice president yet. Key word: YET, YET, get it?

Barack Obama isn’t qualified either. What I don’t understand about Palinites and Obamanites is this defensive posture they get whenever someone offers respectful views that oppose their own fawning nature for these two candidates. I’m not Palin fanatic, but I support her nonetheless. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. Conservatives are acting like the far-left Obama drones. Except this time it’s Palin who hypnotizes them. This means no one is allowed to criticize her, not even for her policies. And I wasn’t even attacking her in the first place.

All I’m saying is McCain should have went in a different direction. There were plenty of female choices out there like Linda Lingle, Christine Tod Whitman, Kay Baily Hutchinson. I saw this as McCain saying: “Quick how can we slow down Obama’s post-convention momentum?” This was a bad move in terms of overall foreign policy experience, but not a bad move politically or in terms of executive experience because Palin has more executive experience than all three men in this race. And let me also say that Democrats ought not drum the “inexperience card” because Obama has the least experience out of the four candidates. I’m guessing no one actually knew that. That’s troubling huh? The candidate in the lead right now at the top of the ticket has the least experience than everyone else in the race. Even the 1 term governor who was elected two years ago. Says a lot about how ill informed and completely desperate voters are in this election. Palin as an inexperienced VP is one thing, but keep in mind if McCain wins Palin won’t be president. If Obama wins he will be president. Both arguments cancel each other out. So again, to avoid any misunderstandings: Sarah Palin isn’t qualified because she lacks foreign policy experience. But Barack Obama isn’t qualified either. So there, everybody wins okay?