Obama Presidency With An Asterisk

How many of you live in one of the states ACORN is being investigated for voter fraud? How many of you know the media is trying to cover up this story? How many of you agree that Barack Obama should he win on Tuesday would have an asterisk placed by his name? It’s kind of like when Barry Bonds or Rafael Palmero broke home run records, the powers that be in the majors put an asterisk by their names in the record books to let everyone know that their feat didn’t really count pending any evidence of illegal steroid use. Well, if Obama wins on Tuesday I think there should be an asterisk by his name. I think we should strip his portrait from the wall in the White House until this voter fraud scandal is solved. Out of 20,000 I believe registrations 1200 were fraudulent and the media is like “Oh well” This is insane. This is pay back for Florida in 2000 like I don’t know what. The Democrats still carry the anger and bitterness for the 2000 election so they decide, not to make sure that everything fair and following the rules, but to steal the election like they claimed the Republicans did in 2000. So like they said Bush’s presidency doesn’t count because of Florida and the popular vote, if Obama wins his presidency shouldn’t count because of ACORN and the 1200 fake registration forms.

We Republicans can make a movie like Recount and pour our biases into the movie like the Hollywood Democrats did. We can have our own Katherine Harris and blow her character way out of proportion(Laura Dern’s portrayal was over the top)

But that would anger the media and the left wouldn’t it? See it’s not okay for Republicans to “cheat” even though we didn’t, but it’s okay for Democrats to win at all costs even if those tactics threaten democracy? What’s next Obama reconfiguring the constitution so he can have a 3rd or 4th term like FDR? He already said the constitution was fundamentally unjust. What’s so unjust about freedom and individual rights? That’s like saying grocery stores are unjust because some of the food is too expensive.That was always my fear ever since I learned about ACORN and their mafioso tactics. They cram the voting booths and they bombard states with suspect registration forms and they get away with it. They intimidate voters who don’t support their candidate and they use extortion to get what they want. If the media fails to point this out then they would have taken part in the biggest heist since Lufthansa.

Imagine if McCain had voters in his home state of Arizona coming into Colorado where he’s down in the polls or in New Mexico. Imagine if ACORN was a right wing organization, the media would be on this story like white on rice. This double standard is not only annoying and stupid but it also threatens democracy. The media is suppose to be a watch dog for the people who pay for the newspapers and the cable in which these outlets are broadcast. During “Obama mania” we’ve seen a growing trend of “propaganda news reporting”. Networks like NBC, MSNBC, and others have openly welcomed and embraced Obama only or Obama friendly interviews, reporting, and analysis, at one point I couldn’t tell if I was watching NBC or Al-Jezeera. And for those who do not abide by the rules of the master or his yes men who run the networks, well, they’ll get booted so fast their heads will spin. Ever wonder what happened to Dan Abrams and Tucker Carlson? Why was Abrams replaced by Rachel Maddow? A known Obama cheerleader. You be the judge. Is this a new propaganda media? Or is this fawning crap shoot a phase?