Perspective: The Palin Pick, GOP Governors Surviving In a Down Year

My first prediction: Meg Whitman aka the “Ebay lady” will run for governor of California in 2010 against current San Francisco mayor Gavin “Gordon Gecko” Newsome. And she’ll win. You heard it here first, write it down.

Elizabeth Dole, Ted Stevens, Jon Sununu, Mitch McConnell, Gordon Smith, Saxby Chambliss, Norm Coleman, remember those names because after Tuesday they will no longer have faces in Washington to go along with the names. This is about to be the biggest onslaught of Democratic members to the House and Senate in my lifetime. Let’s put this into perspective shall we: Norm Coleman, the Republican Senator from Minnesota is losing or tied with, ready? Al Franken better known as SNL character Stewart Smalley. Yes, I’m dead serious, Stewart Smalley is either tied or beating Norm Coleman for a Senate seat. Could you imagine Stewart Smalley as a Senator? With responsibilities? With the country’s interests in his hands? That’s like Tommy Chong running for US Representative against John Boehner. But that’s how bad the environment is for Republicans. Donald Duck could run for the Senate as a Democrat and win. By a large margin in fact.

But despite the genocide in the House and Senate many GOP Governors are safe and finding success. 22 out of the 50 states in America have Republican governors. Many of whom have high approval ratings and are popular around the country. The most surprising of the bunch is Tim Pawlenty who governs the bluest state of the 22(Louisiana, Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Texas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, North Dakota, Indiana, Idaho, South Carolina, California, Hawaii, Georgia, Nevada, Missouri, Vermont,) Minnesota who voted for Barack Obama in the Democratic primary and where John McCain is down 10-15 points in the general election. So when most of these governor’s terms are up in 2010 are they in safe quarters? Will the Democratic invasion be over by the time 2010 rolls around? One would think so I mean the good thing about being a Republican governor during a down year for the GOP is that the Senate and House Republicans bite the bullet first. The governors remain safe in their current situation because most of them weren’t really active during the hardships of the Bush administration. The only one that comes to mind is Matt Blunt of Missouri, who will retire this year.

But there is one governor who I am concerned about looking forward. Sarah Palin is up for reelection in 2010 in Alaska and you can almost bet Democrats are coming for her with murder in their eyes. They want Plain gone from Alaska and they’re already using trooper-gate and Ted Steven’s conviction to sink her 2010 hopes. I initially supported John McCain’s choice of Palin in the beginning but I’m now realizing that Palin was a bad choice. She was a wasted choice and McCain should have known better. Palin is intelligent, spunky, charming, attractive, and competent. She’s the female version of Theodore Roosevelt and twice as tough as the old frontiersman was but she’s not ready to be vice president. She failed to give one reasonable explanation as to why she’s ready to face Czar Putin or Kim Jong Ill and his nuclear North Korea.

Sarah Palin’s time is 2016, not 2008. McCain knew it and the country now knows it. Bobby Jindal said it best when he told David Gregory that he was too inexperienced to be vice president and that Louisiana needed his attention before he could think about making an appearance on the national stage. Whether the media ravaged her and they did, or whether it was Palin’s own self generated missteps, and there were, she proved to be a good choice in theory but a bad one in reality.

Not to take away from her executive experience, that doesn’t give you the chops needed to deal with international issues. If Barack Obama’s time spent on the Foreign Relations Committee still makes him under qualified to be president then Sarah Palin is nowhere near ready. If anything McCain should have held off on Palin as the VP choice and instead tapped her to be his Secretary of Energy. I thought McCain should have picked Tom Ridge. And if it was going to be a female then why not Linda Lingle or Christine Tod Whitman.

Mitt Romney is an economic whiz, everyone Democrat or Republican knows that. So it would make sense to choose Romney as the Secretary of Treasury, not Vice President. See how that applies to Palin? You’re suppose to choose a running mate or any other member of your administration on the basis of expertise. Not how many crowds they can bring to your rallies. In the end substance and competence win the day. Look at Obama, he can generate crowds from here to Berlin and back again, but the man wouldn’t know a position if it bit him on the ass and yell in his ear.