This Is True

Well, two things might happen on Tuesday. As I’ve always felt McCain will win the election. I’ve just always known he would because McCain is a reliable candidate and the people still trust him more than they trust Obama despite Obama’s trust rating going up since the economic “crisis” The other scenario is an Obama landslide. Now when I say landslide I don’t mean Obama winning every single state by a substantial margin, I mean Obama winning many states by 2-4 points in the polls. I don’t know if he’s going to win 380 or whatever the number electoral votes like the media said but he could very well pull off a Reagan landslide. Or, this could be 1976 and the gap could shrink. I think all of the above could happen.

But that’s not the point of my post. I was watching Morning Joe yesterday and Joe Scarborough asked Peggy Noonan, who by the way looks pretty good for someone her age if the Reagan era had come to an end. She said that America is heading toward an era of liberalism but even her response, though it worries me, that wasn’t the important piece of information I took from the show. What Chris Matthews said, believe it or not was the thing I really agreed with and felt assured by. He said the reason we’re headed toward a possible progressive era is not because the country is turning more leftist, but because the country is tired of conservatives in Washington screwing things up. He said Americans are naturally impatient, that we’re like a baseball manager looking to pull the starting ace out of the game because he’s giving up runs to the other team. He’s right in that sense because in our very DNA is a sense of rebellion. It doesn’t matter if you’re a conservative, liberal, moderate, or apathetic toward politics, Americans don’t take change that well, especially if it’s damaging to our traditional values and national identity.So Matthews is right when he said that Americans won’t have much patience with the next president should it be Obama or McCain. So when I hear the dread and fear in the voices of conservatives like Noonan, or David Brooks, or George Will I see it as an overreaction. If Obama and the Democrats take over and they try to implement a system of liberal agenda that doesn’t sit well with this undoubtedly right leaning moderate country then they, like the Bush administration will get thrown out on their asses. Plain and simple, because Americans aren’t ones to sit by and watch people destroy the nation. Perhaps that is why Europeans look down at us, we’re a no nonsense group of people that won’t take any gruff from our elected officials or anyone else around the world for that matter. As oppose to the Europeans who basically let the Muslims take over and implement Sharia Law. That won’t happen here in the US. We’ll go to war first, before we give up our god given rights.

So if Obama wins get ready for some very leftist laws and agendas. But just as Carter tried to pull the wool over our eyes and got tossed to the street with just a suitcase and a hat in his hands, if Obama does the same it would be the shortest time in power for one party since the late 1970s.