Look On The Bright Side Conservatives

My anger for the Republican Party has now become a feeling of calm resolve, knowing that if McCain loses, and I don’t think he will but if he does then at least we tried hard, given the turbulent times and the absolute hatred for the GOP one cannot blame the great Maverick for having the balls to run against Jesus Christ of Nazareth; I speak of Barack Hussein Obama. I mean the Europeans would be happy. They love Obama because as one French reporter put on the 700 Club, Obama is left-wing, he’s young, and he’s like a European president. Oh brother, well I mean sure America will be like Europe for four years if Obama is elected; I’ve always wanted to visit France….not really.

But on a serious note if Obama gets elected I ask you, how did this happen? To me Obama, I mean this guy is such an affirmative action candidate if there ever was. The always colorful Alan Keyes was an affirmative action candidate for the Republicans but I mean did conservatives really think Keyes was qualified to be president? Apparently the liberals think Obama is ready and fully qualified to be president and given the switch by some Republicans to Obama, and some blue collar workers, man that’s scary. There are some things in life you do not do. You don’t cheat on your spouse with the housekeeper, you never pull Superman’s cape, you never pee in the wind, and you never cast an impulse vote, or vote based on your emotions. It is obvious that voters are supporting Obama on impulse. They’re so afraid for their own future they’re willing to put it in the hands of an unqualified, inexperienced, soft, shady, socialist liberal who would rather appease foreign leaders than stand up to them.

But this is typical of the Republican Party to screw up after a long period of time in power. We’ve seen it with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and now with the son Bush. I don’t know what it is about Republicans but every time they stay around for more than four years they screw up. In 1992 it just so happens that the Big Dog knew how to govern and wasn’t a liberal, so he stepped in and cleaned up George H.W. Bush’s mess. But the Big Dog Obama ain’t.I’ve heard some people say that Obama is going to return us to the Clinton years. But the difference between Obama and the Big Dog is that Bill Clinton was a closet conservative or as they say a small “c” conservative. Heck Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl” in her younger years and her voting record in the Senate was much more conservative than Barack Obama’s record. She voted for the war, voted to put the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, her foreign policy was much more conservative, almost neo-conservative compared to Obama, and she recognized real threats. All Obama does is nuance evil. That to me is very concerning when you start to explain evil, Europeans explain away evil; why do you think their about to be taken over by Sharia Law?

Why isn’t Hillary on the top of the ticket? If people were fed up with GOP rule then why didn’t they just vote for Hillary? She not only represented change in a sense that she was a female but she actually knew what she was talking about and her experience never came into question, not to mention she was tough on Iran. Far tougher than most of the GOP candidates. I still find myself baffled at the very sight of Obama as the Democratic nominee. He shouldn’t be here and yet he is and I don’t understand why. Hillary should be here, not Obama.

I mean part of me can’t wait until Bobby Jindal rides into town to save us from the Obama era, if Obama is elected that is, and part of me can’t want to reunite with my fellow PUMAS for Hillary’s second go around. But wouldn’t it be cool if Palin and Hillary ran against each other in 2012 or 2016? I would be torn because I admire and like them both. But Jindal versus Obama seems like the likely scenario in 2012.

I’ll see you there, and hopefully America will still be recognizable by then if Obama gets elected.

How do you say the national anthem in French? I have a feeling we’d better start learning how.

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