US-Syrian Airstrike Gives McCain His Late Game Opening

Today Syrian officials reported that four US helicopters struck a suspected Al-Qieda hideout along the Iraq-Syria border. Now this news is just getting out and this is a fresh opportunity for McCain to take command of this race. Obama will give his closing argument sometime tonight on why he should be president, McCain needs to go a different route and act presidential; while Obama acts presumptuous. This could steal the time away from Barack Obama who, by what I’ve read will give his classic poetic style speech to the nation. With Obama eating up airtime on every channel in every state morning, noon, and night, McCain must seize this opportunity to draw the narrative to experience versus weakness and aloofness. As he did with the Russia/Georgia conflict McCain can use his foreign policy prowess to highlight his knowledge of the international world and the issues that face us. One argument I would advise him to use is this, he could say that Americans are focused on the economy, but in order to live a prosperous life Americans need to have safety at home, after all the primary duty of the president is to protect the nation and provide for the common defense. What’s a strong economy and jobs in a dangerous world? If McCain makes that argument in light of these recent reports coming out of Syria I believe he will begin the process of closing the gap significantly.

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