Yes Joe She Is Serious

If you say it over and over again it starts to become true in most minds. Joe Biden needs to stop saying it over and over and over. Better yet the Obama handlers need to chain the dog up in the back yard for the evening. Joe Biden is angered because a reporter ask tough questions? See this is what makes America seem like a weakened leader in the world. If you can’t face down a few “zingers” from a news anchor in Florida, how the heck can you stare down Czar Putin or Ahmadinejad?

But more important in this clip is the lackluster defense of Obama’s “Spread the wealth” tax philosophy in which Biden didn’t defend at all, he just simply reiterated what Barack Obama said to Joe the Plumber. Can this be any more a pig wearing lipstick? You be the judge, and I hope you realize this is Joe Biden trying to defend what he essentially said was going to be a very uncertain and turbulent Obama administration if Obama is elected. Try defending something so clear and well thought out as comments made about international crisis. But I will stand up for Joe Biden and explain what he meant with his dire warning. The news anchorwoman asked him if an international test meant America’s days as a world leader are over; that’s not what the statement means at all. Joe Biden’s comments mean that an entity somewhere in the world will test the next president to see if America still has the tools to lead the world given our current economic slowdown and stretched Military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. America isn’t fading as the world leader for democracy and ideals, because as long as there’s an aggressive authoritarian Russia, a communist China, and theocratic Iran, regardless of how much their GDP’s have grown or how many men they’ve sent to the moon decades after we first did it, America is still seen as the far and away leader of truth and the defender of freedom on this earth.Now if Obama fails to act accordingly then the view of the American president will wain because the rogue leaders like Hugo Chavez, Czar Putin, and the like will know they can bully, influence, and ignore a president Obama. I can get through his economic plan for four years, as I have with Bush’s disastrous economic policies and his neglect for domestic economic issues. Bush gave so much to China they now hold us hostage and I figure, if Bush could basically sell America to the highest foreign bidder, some of which do not like us very much, then eh, I can get through a Marxist society pretty good. My main concern as a foreign policy buff and a student with his to more international issues such as globalization and world leadership, I’m worried about the perception of America when a possible Obama presidency comes to a close. I mean Obama talks a lot about improving America’s image around the world but is it an issue of appeasing others in order for them to like us? Or reasserting a more concrete and moral stance so that others in the world once again respect and know that the American lion once again holds throne inside the capitol. So domestic policies can change and be improved, but I’m more worried about our leadership role and standing abroad, I think Obama fails in that aspect. He’s just not the type of leader who can make even the most bullheaded men rise from their seats when he enters the room. Just a thought

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