America In The World Today

With the election going on it’s no surprise the whole world is watching. Some have expressed enthusiasm for Senator Obama, calling him a leader and a symbol of what America is and how he can change the world for the better. Many in the world feel hopeful that America will rise again as the lone superpower to lead in a world with growing powers such as China, India, Iran, Russia, and Brazil. But with every hopeful foreign onlooker watching our election with excitement and some pause, there are some in the world who’ve written the obituary for the land of the free and the home of the brave, at their peril.

It’s clear George Bush is seen in the world as a tyrant devil who implemented his reign around the world, burning everything in his path, for instance in Russia some columnists say the economic slowdown, the two wars, and the rise of other countries in the wake of an American idle period signifies that America, while the lone superpower in the world, will no longer remain as the lone policeman of the world. In fact when reading the articles written by Russian and Asian journalists they seem to celebrate the slowdown in America. They call it the end of Westernization. And of course they would say that I mean, their respective countries are rising while the great lady takes a break. And to be honest I don’t blame them. While an influential superpower like the United States goes through a period of recovery other nations looking to get in on the conversation take advantage. But to assume America will fade leaving the rest of the world to adhere to the presence of Russia, China, and Iran well, express such opinion at your own peril. Of course the outsiders in Europe and Asia know not the American heart, one that beats strong.For every GDP growth of China and Russia that’s still no match for the overall American economic system. Our system, is just simply not updated. Call it the world’s most powerful computer whose handlers forgot to upgrade it. Once the United States recovers from this slowdown and updates its regulatory and financial system the world will once again realize that America is a country that won’t just fade away into memory. We’re a nation of thinkers, builders, doers, and our technological, educational institutions, our spirit of hope and our most fundamental and most powerful weapon freedom, will prevail above all else. And if you don’t believe me then you’re probably the one George H.W. Bush was talking to when he said:“If anyone tells you that America’s best days are behind her, they’re looking the wrong way.”

The emerging powers bank to heavily on economic and military clout and they assume that makes a country a lasting influential “world power”. But they fail to realize that what makes the United States the lone legendary and most celebrated country is our ideas, our freedoms, our culture, and our identity. You won’t see millions of immigrants filing into Russia or Iran or China. And you won’t find the most respected and top universities in those countries either. I agree with those who say the United States won over the world with Levi Jeans and Coca Cola. And you’ll never have the world going crazy over Vodka or Lo Mein; no matter how many bombs or troops you have, cultural influence and ideas rule out over intimidation and military might. Our great Military is only half the story, our economic model paved the way but our culture resonates more than anything else.