Sarah Palin The Incompotent Bimbo From the Valley

Sarah Palin is an airhead, materialistic, pom pom shaking bimbo from the Valley. She spends the equivalent of the Alaskan budget on clothes, shoes, and designer glasses. She is totally incapable of being a national political figure and despite her extensive executive experience as Governor of Alaska she couldn’t hold a flame to Senator Barack Obama’s 4 years in the Senate with two of those years spent out on the campaign trail.

If you were underground for the past few months and you just got wind of Mrs Palin you’d think she was some flirtatious pop tart not worthy of the national stage. Given the media witch hunt into every aspect of this woman’s life I find myself confused; is Sarah Palin Paris Hilton or the Governor of Alaska? Does she have the highest approval rating among any governor in America? Or is she some shady power abusing politician; or as the gas bag Joy Behar put it, “Dick Cheney in a skirt” It’s clear she touched a nerve on the left but to this day I have yet to find out why they hate this woman. I mean, surely all those bootstrapping feminists in Los Angeles and New York could appreciate a self made and strong woman who took on the male incumbent Governor in the same party and won right? Wrong. You see this issue has been beaten like a dead horse yet the venom from the left accumulates as days go by, to the point where the most incoherent and irrelevant socialites in Hollywood suddenly try to present themselves as if they’re the ones who were self made, talented and intelligent women and Sarah Palin was the one who slept around to advance her career, showed her breasts in some magazine, bent over in a sexual way in a movie, or threw herself in front of the paparazzi herd during a late night outing at a popular LA hot spot.Lindsey Lohan called Sarah Palin a media obsessed homophobe. Well certainly a smart girl like Ms. Lohan who has her head on straight made a great point in her characterization of the Governor. I mean what perfect example of a role model is there for young girls than an overpaid, non acting drunkard who turned lesbian on an impulse in order to stay relevant because her movie career hit rock bottom harder than the guy Kevin Costner threw off the roof in the Untouchables. “Now you think about that when I beat the wrap.”

And to the media so obsessively trying to paint her as anti-feminist who rejects equal pay for equal work, you know I have some news for you straight from a former Clinton Donor herself. Senator Obama, you know? That champion of woman’s rights? Well the messiah has less women working in top positions for his campaign than John McCain. And John McCain that misogynist old fart who wants to keep women in the kitchen and out of the workforce well, that old fart cancer machine has three women in his campaign who hold top positions. The two I know of are Meg Whitman and Carli Fiorina. Senator McCain also pays his female staffers better than Barack Obama. According to Fox and Friends Obama pays his female staff 83 cents on the dollar. So with every man making a dollar the female makes yep you guessed it, 83 cents. Boy those gals are sure livin’ big time over at the Obama camp. That’s so much package of gum they can buy, so many one package of gum. Hey! Gum and penny candy for everyone! the Women at the Obama camp are buying!

Ah yes, when abortion no longer holds merit as a rallying cry for the bitter feminist left, oh how the mighty fall. Oh how they fall.