Obama Blames Fox News For His Inability To Build A Commanding Lead

Remember when you blamed some petty outside force for your losing in a game of one on one with your older brother? Or when you couldn’t score with Wendy Pickler last Friday at her house because the kid she was babysitting for the McDougals kept getting out of bed and coming into the room you two were in? And you say “Oh, I would of scored man but we kept getting interrupted ya know” Well Wendy wasn’t interested in you sport and in the case of Senator Obama, it’s not Fox News fault you can’t pull away from the pack, Americans are just now catching on to your true leftist socialist agenda of “Spreading the wealth” And far be it for those stupid American rednecks to actually get informed about the person they’re going to elect in such a turbulent period in our history, how dare they remain on the fence. But such is life in these days, the media tries so hard to get Obama elected and with his lead in the polls with two weeks to go he still finds merit to play the blame game victim ploy.

You know Fox News was the reason Jesus Christ was crucified. And Martin Luther King? that was Fox News, and don’t forget the Iraq War, this economic meltdown, and global warming, yep you guessed it, all Fox News. And if Obama loses? That would be the ultimate sin committed by Fox News. I mean because they would have done their job by reporting the facts and asking tough questions. And when Barack Obama superstar is running for president to save mankind from itself then tough questions, a deeper look into who an unknown candidate might be, and fair coverage of his opponent isn’t allowed. I thought you knew?

Well I want to say something to Senator Obama. You say had it not been for Fox News you would be 3 points ahead, well without NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, New York Times, LA Times, Seattle Times, Saint Louis Post Dispatch, Saturday Night Live, People Magazine, US WEEKLY, Entertainment Tonight, The View, MTV, Washington Post, The World Wide Web, Access Hollywood, and Extra, odds are Senator Obama you wouldn’t be squat. I mean can you really afford room to talk? I don’t think so.

I go back to what Chuck Todd said in the beginning and I’ll also say again that Chuck Todd has been the only one at NBC or MSNBC besides Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough with credibility and a shed of honesty and integrity throughout this elections season and at least he knows that honest reporting matters and facts matter. Todd said Obama wouldn’t be where he is had it not been for his objection to the war in Iraq. So where does Obama get off acting as if he’s some self made candidate who paid his dues?

You don’t hear Sarah Palin blame NBC for her up and down favor ability ratings, you didn’t hear her blame CNN for that vile, and blatant dishonest distortion of Byron York’s column in the National Review that was brought up by Drew Griffin in an interview with Governor Palin. You never hear Mrs. Palin whine to the crowd at the rallies about how NBC tries to paint her as a flirtatious bimbo. You’ve never heard Mrs. Palin play the “sexism card” Obama played the race card twice in this general election and his campaign played it over five times against Hillary Clinton in the primary. Yet it warrants a sympathetic gesture when Obama cries “Right wing conspiracy” but at any mention of a left wing bias in the media, the elite Washington media yes men baffle and bock at such a charge, claiming it to be a last ditch effort by the McCain camp to slow Obama’s surge in the polls. Yeah, that 15 point surge? The one the media pleasured themselves over? The 15 point surge that is now a 2 point lead overall for Obama in one poll and a 9 point lead in the other? Oh and by the way, McCain now leads in Ohio and is making head way in Pennsylvania. Jerk off to that George Stephonoupolus.

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