Okay so I might be the only one on RedState who recognizes the 90 day moratorium on home foreclosures because it was one of Hillary Clinton’s main proposals in her economic plan. In fact it was Senator Obama who criticized the proposal. Now he’s using that same policy proposal and panning it off in his economic plan as his own. Is it me or this guy is basically getting away with murder?

Then he takes Senator McCain’s small business tax cut proposal as well. John McCain was the only one in this general election talking about the importance of small businesses and why we shouldn’t raise taxes on them. Now Obama is stealing his idea. Where’s the justice? It’s one thing to criticize an idea, I have no quarrel with that, but to out and out steal someone elses idea is like cheating off their paper during a pop quiz. It shows an arrogance and snobbish flair about Barack Obama that says, “Hey I can do what I want, say what I want and it doesn’t have to be my idea, people will buy into it. I can’t be touched.” And of course I doubt the media pointed this act of theft out to the public. I bet some of them actually believe Obama came up with the 90 day moratorium plan on his own.

Okay so he’s stealing Bill Clinton’s old administration, other candidates proposals, and what next? Oh right the election via ACORN.

I don’t like thieves, they’re no good.If there’s any justice in the world he will be called out on his apparent act of kleptomania. If the media fails to do so then I will.