A Message To My Conservative Bretheren

I want to send a message to all my Conservative friends in the Republican Party; please calm down with the rhetoric. Now, far be it from me to stifle the freedom to express one’s anger or happiness but “Kill Him” is a bit too expressive don’t you think? And I understand many of you and many at the McCain rallies have somewhat come to the conclusion that an Obama presidency is very much possible but still we must remember we’re all in this together as Americans. After all we’re Americans first, partisan foot soldiers last. This isn’t what we’re about in the GOP. I mean I became a Republican to get away from the radical and irrational behavior that seem to spread throughout the Democratic Party I expect more from the Republicans.

Don’t let the media think of you as a bunch of narrow minded racist hooligans or get the impression that someone in our great party might harm Senator Obama because they just can’t deal with the mere thought of him being president of the United States. I was listening to my hero Phil Hendrie and an Obama supporter called in and she offered a bit of insight. She said that Republicans shouldn’t overreact just as Democrats shouldn’t overreact if McCain one because we can always vote the person out of office; that’s the beauty of a democracy. And I agree with her 100%. I mean look I will tell you I hope Obama isn’t elected but I also know that his second term threshold is very high. No one wants to vote for him and in any other climate they wouldn’t so if he fails to act quickly to the problems facing us then odds are he will only serve one term as president.

We can’t have this negativity going on guys, it’s not how we should go about things in the party and in the country moving forward. I’m pretty reasonable in how I’ve come to view this election and how I view my political beliefs and all the “Treason”, “Terrorist” comments don’t help at all. I commend Senator McCain for standing up to what he probably saw as very concerning and troublesome rhetoric and behavior from the crowd at his rallies. When he told that older woman that Barack Obama was a decent family man and a great American he was right. Barack Obama is a nice guy and a decent family man; now he’s not the right person for the job as president but that doesn’t mean he’s some venom spitting demon child; or the anti-Christ as some int he Christian community think. Even though I’ve called him a socialist, criticized his tax policy, his foreign policy, and his stance on social issues I would never wish any harm on Senator Obama or his family. I think in light of recent downturns in this election Republican voters are losing sight of all rationale and maybe need some reassurance so they don’t go crazy and someone do something they might regret.

Fact is the man is a good man and we must have the decency to separate the candidate from the actual person. Again, just because Barack Obama is a horrible presidential candidate doesn’t mean he’s a horrible person. And we must remember that. I know the Conservatives have never fully accepted me because of my moderate views but I think we can both agree on this assessment.