The Sarah Plain Trooper Gate Contradiction

The results of the Trooper-gate investigation showed that Sarah Palin acted within the law in firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. The report stated that the abuse of power came when she failed to tell her husband to back off so to speak when it came to pressuring Monegan to can Wooten. What I’m left with is a “huh” feeling because I find this report contradictory. I mean on one hand she was completely within the law and responsible manner when it came to firing Monegan; yet she abused her power because she didn’t tell her husband to stop pressuring him? I’m missing something here.

The report also said that her family grudge was not a main factor in firing Monegan and again, I’m confused by all of this.

That bewilderment leads me to this conclusion; this was mere political motivation and partisan witch hunting. It’s obvious that at best this Branchflower guy who investigated this waste of taxpayer dollars wanted to run Palin off the road and make her seem like a power hungry dictator when in fact she did nothing wrong, the report says so. I mean if failing to tell your spouse to behave violates an ethics law then my god the laws in Alaska are thinner than Joe Biden’s hair. What exactly did she do wrong?

What annoys me about the media in this is that they jumped on an empty ship going nowhere, and in effect are trying to amplify this to make something out of nothing. They’re taking the side of the trooper Mike Wooten as if he’s some innocent victim of family revenge tactics. I mean the media called this a “response to a bad breakup with Palin’s sister” they failed however to mention that Wooten allegedly threatened Palin’s father Chuck, tasered his 11 year old son, and physically abused Sarah Palin’s sister. But that’s okay to the media because in their quest to destroy Palin they’ll excuse accusations of serious crimes; just this once.You know I wonder if this had been Joe Biden would the media go after this non-story with such salivating hunger like hell hounds; probably not. You remember the media just barely grazed over Charlie Rangel’s(D-NY) ethics violations in New York when he was found guilty of shady financial dealings. They hardly touched Chris Dodd’s involvement in the Sweetheart Scandal of Country Wide Mortgage. Not to mention keeping John Edward’s affair under wraps until the Inquirer had to grow a pair for the media and break the story. The media’s defense was “Oh he wasn’t a candidate anymore so we felt it wasn’t important or relevant.” Yet Sarah Palin acting within the law as the report itself states is somehow relevant? Hardly

This attempt to cage Palin will fail because the clear thinking American people know the difference between breaking the law and following the law as it stands, and Palin followed the law as it stood in Alaska. Even if the media tries to distort the findings and ad a bunch of “buts” to their report on Palin not breaking the law, the America public’s approval of the media is so low I doubt people even listen to journalists or the MSM anymore. Maybe the media just stares at a monitor that’s shut off and talk to themselves, convincing and brainwashing themselves with distorted news and half truths.