See I Told You McCain Is Going To Win

Thug Thizzle, Tony Romo, Terrel Owens, these are some of the phony names or names of real people who aren’t the actual person that ACORN used to bolster registration for Barack Obama in Nevada, Missouri, Ohio, and elsewhere. You know, I pretty much knew the Democratic Party was the party of crime and shady dealing but I’ve never actually known or read anything about voter fraud. So I guess many of Obama’s supporters are just his imaginary friends then?

I mean if Obama really knows a guy by the name of “Thug Thizzle” then that would be fine but odds are Mrs. uh, “Thizzle” doesn’t exist. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama said he did, he probably thinks he does.

So this is just confirming what I said yesterday. McCain is going to win this election because his supporters, unlike Senator Obama’s exist. Real life people will go to the polls for McCain while ACORN will send the same people in to vote over and over again. Or they’ll just send a “Harry Harrison” or “Dad Fatherson” into vote.

Why couldn’t they have used more legit names like I.P. Freely or Amanda Hugankiss or maybe Ben Dover. I suggest ACORN get wise to the law and cease the corruption of democracy. You know our founding fathers didn’t sweat it out in Philly so arrogant Obamabot lefties could commit voter fraud and twist the democratic process.

But I feel bad about your office in Las Vegas getting raided by the boys in blue so I’m going to help you out. Here are some names you could use that aren’t as obvious:

Emma Fuad

Jeff Head

George W. Bush

Barack Obama**Parah Salin

Mac Cain Johnson

Hillary Clinton

Fun BobbyHah, ACORN, yeah that pretty much explains it. A bunch of nuts.