Product Placement and the Definition of Leadership

All I here from Democrats and their allies is “Let’s move on” “Let’s talk about the issues, people are fearful of the future” It’s interesting how quickly they move to change the subject from character to issues; perhaps knowing their candidate will lose that debate. Barack Obama for lack of a better word is quite simply, manipulative and deceptive in his character make up. I believe what lies behind a deceptive person is a good character creation. One who develops a shield in which protects his or her true self. It’s just a shame the American people are either too desperate or too gullible to realize this man is deceiving us all.

In due time we as Americans must demand more from our politicians than just a three point plan for the country. Nothing makes a man or woman more than their character and integrity. But Democrats and the media are trying to tell us that in a time of great uncertainty and strife character and leadership ought not matter. It ought not matter that a man would rather vote against the protection of infants, it ought not matter that a man voted “Present” over 100 times and spent most of his term in the Senate running for president of the United States. Where does Obama’s leadership come from I ask; it’s dummy logic. It is dummy logic to assume a community organizer can be a leader; because they just simply organize within the neighborhood. Just as being a Military man might not qualify you for president; it makes you a great leader, community organizing doesn’t qualify you for president; it also doesn’t put you in the top of the “leadership” category. So I ask again, what makes Obama a leader?*But then again leadership can be created out of thin air. You can take 160 “Present” votes, a vote for decriminalizing marijuana, a vote against a 40Bil reduction of overall spending, a 20 year stint in a church with an Anti-American pastor and claiming you had no idea he was like that, paling around with terrorists, political votes on FISA, political calculation on drilling, nuclear energy, and the support of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the DC gun ban, and you can call that “leadership” yeah. Or you can simply own up to your own deceptive maneuvers and cut the “high and mighty” act. But I who am I to hold presidential candidates accountable right?

I mean as a irresponsible and uninformed voter I could dismiss Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, votes for decriminalizing marijuana, votes against prohibiting minors to cross state lines to get an abortion, votes for sexual education for kindergartners, and those 160 “present” votes and billions in earmarks requested for the state of Illinois; too bad I’m neither irresponsible nor uninformed. But that’s what the Obama camp basically rode the wave upon. Wide eyed, gullible college students who do almost everything on emotional impulse. Who listen to people and believe every word they say; perhaps the idealistic young pups long for something to believe in. But when you sacrifice common sense and rationale for a new conventional wisdom then you’re sacrificing state of mind and individual ability to make a decision on your own. Young people support Barack Obama because he told them to. Throughout history ad campaigns for cereal, action figures, and Easy bake ovens sought the short attention span and gullible nature of adolescents. The Obama market campaign and products called “hope” and “change” only proves that historic fact.

But to actually think long and hard on what makes Barack Obama this “one in a generational” leader might spur migraines and bloody noses. For the people who support him manage to muster up an explanation that he speaks so well and gives a great speech; and that answer is barely given with ease.

Truth is leadership comes in special people; you can’t create it. Barack Obama is a manufactured leader; a JFK life size replica doll made in Bangladesh. True leaders such as Lincoln, Reagan, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and Washington can’t be replicated or duplicated; but instead left alone in the staples of time to admire and praise for their great accomplishments and contributions to our country. The media reveled in the idea of Obama as the second coming of JFK and that whole love affair with the Kennedy tradition was realized only by a figment in the media’s imagination.

A wise man once said that “he who has not led cannot be a leader.” Then that same wise man said “in today’s world leaders are scarce in their presence; most who claim that title are simply empty men who need the people to need them.”

Maybe Obama supporters want to believe something that isn’t true, to the point where they believe it to be so; even though reality reflects no evidence to support the conjured fact. The most dangerous thing in the world is a man who tells people he’s a leader; yet cannot make a decision where he thinks of himself never, and people always.