Well They Asked For Blood

A proud Rockford College student awaiting my return for the Spring 2009 term by day; an election truth squader and “Moderate Voice” by night. I offer up my take on the matter to the humble bloggers at Redstate.

You know, my school is pretty interesting when it comes to politics; I go to school in a state that undoubtedly supports Barack Obama because well it’s his home state after all. My roommate asked me about my truth squad duties this election year; being an Obama supporter himself I think my political intellect and ability to connect with people either make him nervous or my tendency to seek the truth makes him kind of mad. But nonetheless in this final path to November I shall turn on 1000 degrees of hell fire; the likes in which Democrats had never seen before. This is what happens when you pull on the tiger’s tail my elitist friends. I’m going to be releasing several ads over the internet from now until the election exposing Barack Obama’s lies, his comments, and his associations. I figure, since the media is trying to help him take down McCain and Sarah Palin; maybe this bored college kid with too much knowledge can I don’t know; spread the wealth. Spread I shall. You see because I want to inflame this recent campaign that will invoke character and well, Obama has about as much character as a “john”.

The great thing about having a radio show is that you have the American public’s ears at your disposal. So in the spirit of smears and lies I shall commit an act of Democratic terror and bombard ever single outlet on the internet. If liberals can do it why can’t I?

See you when the battles over. And oh, get ready for hell.So tune in to Youtube or any other media website and pass along the information to the uninformed voter.