Like Political Cold War

Like sand through the hourglass so are the days of this campaign. Or least the days of this campaign shall drip with blood; there will be blood I say. One has to ponder such an incoming act of counter aggression; why on earth will the Obama camp seek such a nuclear option when firearms in the hands of children cause death among adolescents. Surely they’ve thought this bombing raid tactic through; surely. But if you smash a hole in the dam water shall come crashing upon you. The Obama camp will light up the night with ‘Keating 5’ Why, what an idiotic move Senator Obama; most of your supporters wouldn’t know Keating 5 from the Jackson 5. But play this card and get burned; please I beg of you.

You know a wise man said that young warriors know not the lesson of war until pillaged and slaughtered in battle. Oh to the young naive warrior we sing; “Farewell to reason; above all in which you’ve abandoned; young warrior strike true” But as we’ve seen before the young warrior leads on about how much he really knows; in truth he knows very little. The elder knows how to break his opponent. But Senator Obama is cynical in thinking he won’t lose this battle of character and associations. I mean if both camps are about to engage in a questionnaire with the American public on who they trust and who has the better character John McCain will win. But Senator Obama couldn’t be that cynical right? Or maybe he’s just that arrogant and smug.

Keating 5 * will leak unto thee like an amateur virus; but *Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, his admitted influence by Saul Alinksy, his connections with La Raza, and ACORN, not to mention his ties to Tony Rezko and Hamas‘ endorsement during the Democratic Primary, Minister Farrakhan endorsing him during the Primary, the comments about small town America, his wife’s comments; I mean boy would I choose the Keating 5 any day over what Obama is about to deal with in the coming days. Keating 5 is like, it’s like a cold sore and Obama’s associations are like the AIDS virus. Kind of a harsh comparison but you see where I’m going with this.