Interesting Narrative

There’s something about Governor Palin the media finds how should I say; icky. As you know I was a strong Hillary supporter so I’ve seen this trend from the media develop during the Democratic Primary. There’s something about strong ambitious women the media finds distasteful and unappealing. A woman can’t be sarcastic or witty because she might sound like a bitch or a snob. There’s this narrative of female politicians the media created I think starting with Geraldine Ferraro in 1984. Now, I saw first hand the way the media treated Hillary Clinton. They absolutely hated her ambitious and strident composure. They felt she was robotic and unattractive. Yet with Mrs. Palin they find her witty, spunk and attractive charm “cheerleader” like, or that of a bimbo from the valley. They obsess over her red pumps or the way she talks; perhaps it’s a cultural disdain, who knows. I do know that a trend, and one of concerning inflation currently grips the conventional wisdom like the jaws of life. The media, clearly a male dominated sport, especially on cable news, sees strong women as a threat; therefore they look to belittle and marginalize them.

And what we’re learning from the likes of Chris Matthews, say, that no matter how competent and intelligent a female politician of any party or ideological stripe may be; Matthews and boorish pigs like him will never admit their up most praise or respect for a politician of the opposite sex; quite a shame. Now oppose to the men in the media average men in America responded well to both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. But many women had an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton and some now have an unfavorable view of Governor Palin. Now, are women threatened and therefore hold disdain for strong women? I think that’s a question and a topic that should be examined. This is how I see it: Most women are considerably liberal, pro-choice, and somewhat children of the feminist era. So naturally any woman who presents an opposite view of their own will receive a negative stance from those women. I understand the unbridled yet incompetent cover-up of the feminist movement in which they claim represents all women but instead holds such a double standard in woman’s rights it’s almost enough to make you question the issue of feminism as a whole. I say the feminist movement was a scam created by progressive women in the 60’s; but what do I know; I’m just a reasonable minded guy with a mother who rose above adversity and made something of herself despite the setbacks of women real or otherwise created to cause a stir and forward an agenda. Go figure

I guess our view of women will never change; although progressive is certainly recognizable. But I think more so a challenge for women are conservative women. I mean Margot Thatcher is proof enough that conservative women tend to be more successful in politics and taken more serious by the majority than progressive women. But conservative women aren’t allowed by rule of the progressive feminist movement. And I think unfortunately that drives a wedge between women and prevents a united front for all women from being created. I mean surely the feminists like Gloria Steinem and Maureen Dowd know that unless all women strive for the same thing on a united front their goals will not be accomplished.

Then again Maureen Dowd led a charge of liberal women who bashed Hillary Clinton on a daily basis. Her mere existence made them cringe; so what’s the final verdict on such feminist causes? You be the judge. And oh, remember, hell hath no intellect like a strong woman; as opposed to women aimlessly clinging to defunct conventional wisdom with more loopholes than corporate tax breaks.