Obama Sieg Hail

Warning, the following video is both creepy and alarming. This video refreshes in our minds the Obama from the Democratic Primaries. The atmospheric, messianic, megalomaniac Barack Obama who spoke in poetic salute to new world vision and Marxist economic philosophy. The Obama who talked about jobbing the jobless and feeding the hungry; not to mention lowering the oceans on earth and bringing peace in one swoop around the world. The Obama who said his candidacy will save mankind. “Obama Sieg Hail! Sieg Hail!” To the glorious rein to come; of this theocratic Marxist dictator.

I don’t know whats more alarming, the Cuban Flags with a Che style Obama portrait on them, his unbridled pledge to the labor unions, or his roots in Saul Alinsky influenced community organizing. And yes he has said Saul Alinsky is one of his biggest influences. Yeah, about that um; I guess we should be concerned now? Or? Perhaps when he transforms America into a Marxist country? The devil’s in the details folks. I mean it’s not a coincidence given his pastor preach Black Liberation Theology and his biggest contributors are labor unions and ACORN. We better wise up folks. Our current anxiety isn’t worth the kind of change Obama has in store for the united States of America; not one bit.

I wonder how long it will be before we see people praying and giving salute to a large Poster of Obama like they do in North Korea and in the former Soviet Union. You’re going to see our military marching in perfect coordination while three tanks roll down the streets in Washington with the America flag draped across a large vehicle and Obama’s face on a poster hanging outside the White House. In the background you’ll hear “To The Religious Leader” playing as the troops and tanks pass on by down the street.