A Public Apology

As an up and coming journalist and a journalism student at Rockford College I want to apologize to the public for the all time low in which the media has sunk. The media, as it stands today is seen by the public as an extension of Democratic and liberal causes and a wing of the Obama campaign. I think it’s sad that the media went to such levels this election year because they were willing to risk credibility and moral obligation in order to help a candidate win over the other. Now this didn’t all of the sudden start during the general election; it also took place during the Democratic Primary.

I think in the end the media will answer to the public at large and they’ll wish they hadn’t done what they’ve been doing. Now biases are nothing new; we saw them during Bill Clinton’s run for president. But what is important I think is the fact that the bias has been one of a liberal persuasion. You never hear about a Conservative bias unless well, you’re watching a liberal leaning network. I mean Keith Olbermann rants and rails about the so called “Right wing bias” of Fox News; and I’ve heard many other loud mouth liberals say the same thing. But they forget the creator of the Fox Network Rupert Murdoch is a Democrat and supported Hillary Clinton.

Recent polls show a large majority of Americans believe the media is trying to help Barack Obama get elected in November. Polls also show that CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC are all extensions of the Obama campaign and the Democratic party. From Chris Matthews and his “feeling up my leg” comment, to Keith Olbermann’s lunatic rant over Hillary Clinton’s comments about RFK and why staying in the race wasn’t hurting the Democrats’ chances this November; the bias in the media reached a fever pitch this summer alone.

You know someone in my American Politics class asked me why the media has such contempt for Sarah Palin and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I mean I know why the Hollywood and west coast, east coast elites outside the media find her repulsive and how should I say this, “trailer park”, say; but with the media it’s more complex than that. I think the media first of all feels “one upped” by the McCain camp for not running this pick of Palin by them first; you know the media feels like they’re they give the final verdict on a candidate. I mean I thought the voters did that? I mean that’s why we vote after all. It’s an arrogance issue really. The media feels like this small town bumpkin came in and swept what little intelligence they had right from under their feet. She’s a tough talking, brave, independent woman and the media finds that unappealing and unattractive. The same why they saw Hillary Clinton as a wonk, a strident emotionless bitch that reminded them of the girl they sat by in college who made straight A’s and always studied for the exams while they went for coffee and cigarettes and listened to slam poetry every night. Fact is the media hates people smarter then them. They feel it’s an attack on their Liberal Arts education.But I think there’s a serious trend going on here. Call it freedom of choice among voters under attack; call it an abuse of freedom of the press. The media has an ego complex that compels them to believe it’s their obligation to tell us what they think we want to hear instead of what we need to hear; and that’s honest, straight forward, balanced news. Since when did all “journalists” and reporters become opinionated? I thought the job of the media was to report the news as it stands; not as they see it through their own eyes. After all each person has a different take when viewing news through their own eyes; that’s what opinion columns and blogs are for.

This created a conflict within me because I want to be a journalist but I do not prefer the corrupt and bias world in which the media as created for themselves to play in. Perhaps they all think we’re too stupid to realize they’re duping us. Perhaps they feel we’re too dumb to realize they’re trying to fix the election. What ever the arrogance may be we’re onto them and despite the backlash they still push forward with this self-centered bias as if someone were arrested for robbing the bank, yet they keep trying to rob the same bank.

Here are the polls taken by the public if those of you out there want hard evidence. The reasonable public doesn’t lie my friends.

Media Research Center

I think the biggest mistake the McCain campaign made in choosing Sarah Palin was a failure to talk to her about the MSM bias and the hit job they did on Hillary Clinton. Then I think she would have been much sharper than she is now in dealing with the media. They dropped the ball on that one.

And to those who stood up to media bias and some who became casualties while fighting for objective media coverage we salute thee:

Dan Abrams: The first major voice in leading the charge against what he called “Why the Inside DC Media hates Hillary Clinton” He exposed many instances of media bias during the Democratic Primary. He also took on his own network MSNBC. He was fired this summer and replaced by you guessed it; Rachel Maddow, a known moronic liberal and a KD Lang lookalike contest winner.

Tucker Carlson: He talked about the media “tankage” for Barack Obama and often criticized his own network as well. One time he even bashed fellow guests on Dan Abram’s other show in that classic Tucker Carlson sarcastic humor. Coincidentally he was also fired by MSNBC like Dan Abrams.

Chuck Todd: You have to give “Chucky T” credit for having an objective view of this election. Many of his cronies at NBC went full stride into the tank for Obama yet he remains the reasonable balanced voice for a fledgling network who’s ratings are going deeper and deeper into the toilet everyday.*Joe Scarborough:* We all know Joe stepped up his criticism of the media; especially when Palin was picked as McCain’s VP. But Joe better be careful or his show will “mysteriously” get canceled like Dan Abram’s and Tucker Carlson’s shows did.