Real Change

I have to lift my support of John McCain. I instead support Sarah Palin but will not vote. I will not participate in this wonderful democracy as a voter but instead an advocate for real, profound change. The type of change that restores our economic foundation, our leadership in the world, and change that brings common sense back to Washington. I want a candidate that resists corruption from the environmentalist groups, the activists, and the labor unions and union bosses, the Wall Street yuppies and the country club types. I want a candidate that understands the people and respects them as individuals and not as poor helpless saps that can’t make it on their own. I will not vote because I realized by watching these two men running for president and the “bang up” job their colleagues in Washington are doing; that candidate is nowhere to be found.

Or at least those candidates are no longer running. A candidate like Bill Richardson, a real Washington outsider with experience in balancing budgets, running a state, dealing with health care, cutting taxes, and dealing with an education system in the state of New Mexico. Or Mike Huckabee who was Governor of Arkansas. See where I’m going with this? Real change resides not in Washington but in our state government level. Washington is so corrupt and defunct no man or woman can claim the mantle of change and actually be taken serious by the public. John McCain and Barack Obama are apart of this problem; no matter what they say. John McCain *represents a third *Bush term and Obama represents a continuation of a failed Congress. A Congress that promised so much but delivered less than zero. How is it possible for a Congress to have lower approval ratings than one of the worst presidents in history? A lame duck no less. How is it possible to fail that miserably? You almost have to want to fail to end up in the pickle our Congress finds themselves in.

So I can no longer tout my support for McCain because the change I want isn’t in Washington. The change I want is somewhere out there in the 50 states.

And as for Barack Obama well he might pull off the greatest political scam of all time. He managed to convince millions of Americans that despite his party’s failure in the Congress to end the war, create competent proposals, or deliver any type of intelligence and common sense in Washington; despite all of that he’s the change candidate. His words were of someone else, not his own. He’s not change because he’s been in Washington too. He went along lockstep with his Congressional buddies and he never once took the high road. The FISA vote was pure political calculation and he’s wasn’t fooling anyone; not even his most wide eyed fanatics. You can’t be the change agent with skin color and your name alone. You have to actually show, with a record your platform of change. Neither men can do so and thus the screw job continues.

Barack Obama wants us to believe in his brand of “change” as simply a switch in the oval office; that’s all. His change is: “Elect me because I’m not Bush” But just saying you’re not Bush isn’t change; it’s running for president. All candidates in the past say “vote for me because I’m not the other guy” He did the same thing during the primaries. He said: “Vote for me so we won’t have another Clinton-Bush-Bush-Clinton pattern. I’m not a Clinton so vote for me” Playing on the country’s anxiety about the future isn’t change. You should have seen this coming during the end of the primary. Obama went from “outsider” to sort of outsider, to good old style politician. His FISA vote, his failed attempt to get one over on his Iraq war position, and his agreement with the Supreme Court ruling over the DC Gun Ban case.

Instead of “Change We Can Believe In” Obama’s new message should be “Calculation To Bring Change” I mean at least if he had been honest and forthcoming with his deception and political fast talk maybe I wouldn’t compelled to call him on it because you know; all politicians play the role. But he continued to cast himself as someone he wasn’t. He’s not change, he too is more of the same. Just not more Bush; more failed Congress.So where do I begin? Lets see:*Barack Obama:*

  • FISA:**

  • Democratic Primary Candidate: Against FISA

  • Democratic Nominee for President: Supported FISA**

  • **Offshore Drilling and Nuclear Power:

  • Democratic Primary Candidate: Opposed both forms of energy

  • Democratic Nominee for President: Now supports both forms of energy**

  • Gun Rights:**

  • **Democratic Primary Candidate: Support Strict Gun Laws and Gun Control;

  • *Participated in a questionnaire about the banning of hand guns. *****
  • Democratic Nominee for President: Supported the Supreme Court ruling on *the DC Hand Gun law, supports gun rights.*

You know I could go on and on but you get my point. Calculation and flip flopping isn’t change. Why run on a false platform if your positions in the past suggest otherwise? I guess I have to wait until 2012 to vote. In the meantime I’ll just go around the country and continue to advocate real change and help promote the restoration of power back into the hands of the people. After all without the people these jokers in Washington would be out on the street working as card game hustlers, pimps, prostitutes, Madams, and wiseguys.

Change we can believe in ha, I’ll know it when I see it.

Congress: 11% Approval rating

George Bush: 30% Approval rating