Democrats Mock Her At Their Peril

Bring on the fire and the blades I say; Sarah Palin will win the debate this Thursday in St. Louis. She will prove all those smug liberals wrong and in effect; piss them off even more. If I were a pansy I would advise Madam Palin to make a complete fool of herself on Thursday. Why you ask? Well if she makes Joe Biden look like a pompous, arrogant, self-centered womanizer, in other words make him look like a marginalized version of himself then the liberal bark will shake the earth for sure. They will hoot and howl and release ad after ad. Sarah Palin may not realize this but not only do they hate her for being alive but they hate her for having the audacity to seek national office. You see it’s one thing to be a female Republican, it’s another to be a pro-life female Republican, but it’s a totally different story when you outshine their lord and Savior Barack Obama. Right now the media is going into overdrive with the “Whack Alaska” Sarah Palin massacre. They want her beaten and bloodied when the debate rolls around so that she remember the day she ran for Vice President of the United States.

But never fear, these yokels mock and joke at their peril. Hell hath no fury like a woman smarter than an entire party. Sarah Palin is going to win the debate on Thursday but the question is how bad will she beat the holy hell out of Joe Biden. How much of Super Joe will be left to be VP if Obama wins? How far with the media’s tongues go down their own throats? How mad will they get and how much artillery is left in storage. Only time will tell but my friends this woman is going to shut a lot of people up and fast.

So listen out because what you’ll hear on Friday is a collective “hush” over the west and east coast. Ah, I can see it now; liberals having nothing to say. Go get em Sarah.But beware of mean girls. They don’t like it when their embarrassed. I suggest Governor Palin buy a helmet and a chin cup. This is gonna get uglier. Then again, those media fly boys get out of line again we’ll just have to put them back right? Right.