Sarah Palin Looking Like A Mistake

Governor Palin is the most popular Governor in America right now. More popular than both Republican and Democratic governors. She also has a high approval rating of about 80-85%. She’s an accomplished woman with a keen eye for ideas and a combative spirit. But you wouldn’t know that given the wrap job McCain campaign officials have done. When you bring this up to John McCain *you can see the annoyance in his answers and written on his face. He’s pissed off by the way his fumbling staff is handling Mrs. Palin; and I don’t blame him one bit. The campaign staff treats Sarah Palin like some Hollywood celebrity. This woman is smart, tough, and competent. But treating her the way they are now is limiting her potential on the campaign trail. Look I agree with *John McCain when he said that the American people and their reaction to Mrs. Palin is the important thing; but also important is her ability to deal with questions from the media. We all know the media is bias against Conservatives and Republicans for the most part, and the sharp jabs at Sarah Palin have been over the top; some of them coming from an antipathy from the media because she won’t take time to answer questions or hold a conference. I would advise the camp to not give the media a reason. Don’t give them a reason to spread a rumor, create doubt, or create a narrative that they can control and them alone.

For god sakes let the Governor answer some questions; and ones that are her own. The Katie Couric interview was a failure; as was the Charlie Gibson interview. Skip the pre-written answers and let Sarah be Sarah. If the camp is so excited by Governor Palin then why not let he roam free and be herself? If she can be president then let her show that for heaven’s sake; don’t isolate her and then turn around and get mad when people question her. I’m annoyed because the campaign is acting idiotic. They’re making this exciting pick look like a huge mistake. And if I were John McCain I would chop some heads for mishandling all of this.Let Sarah talk about energy, balancing budgets. She knows more about energy than anyone else in the country other than Gov. Bobby Jindal. She can tie the energy issue in with the economic issue and draw a narrative and a theme for McCain. She can own the issue because it is her issue. She governs a state that accounts for 20% of the nation’s energy source. It’s time for the McCain camp to stop all this “liberal media” repellent business and let this woman shine. Barack Obama is running away with the economic and energy issue and he will win this election if Sarah Palin is hidden from the public eye. It’s not enough for her to take pictures with the folks, or talk at rallies; she needs to do more interviews. She needs to go on Meet the Press, Hannity and Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, Hardball, This Week, Face the Nation, she needs to hit all of those programs and lay out her energy expertise and how it ties into the McCain/Palin agenda.

This is stupid folks and you all know it and the McCain staffers know it. If this woman can govern a state while pregnant, raise five children, one with a baby on the way, hunt, carpool, coach basketball, balance budgets, cut or raise taxes, cut or increase spending, deal with social issues, meet world leaders at the UN in New York, run for Vice President; then surely Mrs. Palin can answer questions from the media. Do not let Sarah Palin become something she’s not. Don’t waste her abilities and know how. You have this race close enough; don’t screw it up because you’re afraid of a liberal media bias. Combat that bias with competence and a smart agenda and theme. Let Sarah be Sarah for goodness sake. What’s the matter with you guys? We don’t have long until election day; you’re doing yourself a disservice if you keep Sarah Palin under wraps. She has good ideas and a great plan for this country; let the nation hear that plan.