Are You There John McCain? It's Me Matt

John McCain annoyed me last night. Almost as much as Barack Obama annoyed me with his performance. I asked myself; why didn’t McCain say this? Why didn’t he bring that up? What the hell was he thinking?! I saw a man looking nonchalant, aloof at times, drifting off with his answers, and talking about things that had nothing to do with the question or the topic. Like when he brought up the issue of Obama being the most liberal Senator in the Senate and he(McCain) was a maverick and missing out on the title of “Miss Congeniality” I felt embarrassed when McCain used those recycled one liners about the paternity or DNA issues with the bears, the veto pin and knowing a pork barrel project’s name. It just fell flat on the crowd; no reaction to those lines at all.

There were many times when I wanted to reach into the television screen and shake some cents into McCain. I can’t believe he fumbled the ball at the one yard like he was Leon Lett or something. Obama was combative, he challenged McCain on his turf, he countered McCain’s flimsy jabs, and he actually looked at McCain when answering McCain’s charges. McCain didn’t look at Obama one time last night. What happened to the Maverick? My god where was Senator McCain?

The John McCain I know is witty, sharp, and combative. The John McCain who constantly ribbed and made fun of Mitt Romney in the Republican debates was the John McCain that should have been at the debate last night. Instead we got the shadow of the shadow of the man we all know as the Maverick. McCain let Obama basically claim every issue McCain has fought for as his own. Energy, foreign affairs, the economy; Obama spoke on those issues as if he were the experienced Senator with a record spanning over 20 years. McCain didn’t once use an effective strategy in that debate. Repeating “You don’t understand” over and over again won’t work because according to polls based on last night many undecided voters feel Obama is ready to be president.John McCain should have called Barack Obama out on his parsing and his flat out lying. Obama lied at least 5 times during the second half alone. He lied about supporting nuclear power, about his initial comments regarding the Russia/Georgia conflict, his approach to Iran, and his offshore drilling support. Why didn’t McCain bring up the fact that Obama not only opposed offshore drilling for most of the summer, he even called it a gimmick. He only started supporting it when most of the country started supporting it and when McCain saw a boost in the polls. McCain could have made an effective argument that Obama has no real leadership qualities because he takes positions that benefit his political campaign and often waffles on his initial stances; and that would be the truth. McCain also missed an opportunity to hit Obama on his Iran comments. When Obama said “Iran is a tiny threat” and then ever so conveniently called them a “grave threat” when he gave his speech at AIPAC.

Barack Obama hit McCain on Iraq like a redheaded step child. Again, McCain missed an opportunity to fire back with an effective counter punch. When Obama kept saying that McCain was wrong on the United States being greeted as liberators, finding the WMDs, and getting out of Iraq with early, McCain could have brought up the time when Obama admitted in a debate during the Democratic primary that he wasn’t in the Senate during the time of the Iraq war vote; and had he actually been in the Senate he doesn’t know how he would have voted. Obama also took his speech down from his website; why didn’t McCain hit him on that?

When Obama basically agreed with everything John McCain said about Russia, Iran, terrorism, just foreign policy in general McCain missed another chance to slam him. McCain could have said: “See, that goes to show you that my opponent is inexperienced and I’m the right person for this job. He’s agreeing with everything I say about these issues Jim” Why didn’t he say that? What is McCain, a schmuck on wheels? I mean come on. This guy, McCain basically gave Obama the debate by allowing Obama to keep up with him. McCain knows these issues better than Obama. Obama has the Clinton administration and help from Warren Buffet; McCain has a record of more than 20 years of actual work and legislation. Obama actually said McCain was the one talking the talk but not walking the walk. Come on John where’s your heart man.

Sometimes, especially during the past week I wonder if John McCain wants to win this election. I mean I wonder if he’s pulling a Fred Thompson and just going with the flow without any creditable effort or passion. I miss the old John McCain. The old McCain would have eaten that junior mint Senator from Illinois for breakfast.