Real Patriots Let the Government Rob Them Blind

You’re not a patriot unless you pay higher taxes and willingly I might add. You know what? I must be the most anti-American, unpatriotic son of a gun in history because I don’t pay taxes at all. I haven’t worked since 2003 and I was only a high school sophomore at the time; just working for my uncle’s construction company as a summer job. Since then I’ve devoted most of my time in school and doing Humanitarian work. So under an Obama/Biden rule I would be considered an enemy of the state? Perhaps; but I’ve always loved the life of a derelict so why not. Is it me or our these two guys spilling their true agenda through gaffes? I mean first it was Obama and “Speak Spanish-gate” then it was Maxine Waters accidentally spilling the beans on the socialist government takeover of oil companies-gate, now this. Joe Biden told America what he wants and what Barack will do. They’re going to raise our taxes and now we have proof. Before it was just an old worn out Republican cliche tag; but now it’s something that cannot be deny nor swept under the rug. Joe Biden said paying higher taxes is an act of patriotism. You know I had Obama pegged as a graduate of Karl Max U; but Joe? I never had Joe Biden pegged as a socialist. And yes this is another marker on the path to American Marxism. When someone says paying higher taxes or doing anything for a collective good is an act of national pride that is socialist poetry. It’s like talking dirty to Neo-Marxists. So why shouldn’t we be running for the hills with piggy banks in hand? Well, the media probably covered this gaffe under the sand, I would be surprised if this story had legs past 2 days if the media was talking about it. You’ll notice sooner or later that I avoid addressing Fox News as the media; I consider them something totally different because the media now stands as one giant partisan cesspool. Fox News, surprisingly makes the effort to call out both parties and candidates on their gaffes, missteps, and lies. But the media is an issue for another day.I want to tap deeper into this hibernating Marxist bear ready to open his eyes and feed. I don’t want to share anything. It sounds selfish but what’s the point of working if we have to share? Why should hard working men bust their hump if they can’t keep their money? Why is there an equal pay for equal work law being talked about by the Democratic party? Since when is the Democratic party the chief authority on woman’s rights? This is the same party that told Hillary Clinton and 18 million female voters to step aside while they hand the nomination to “Affirmative Action Ken” If a woman has a job, as a welder say, and a man has that same job, and the man is doing much more work, getting done faster, really making positive gain within the company, how is that fair that the woman still makes the same amount? This fairness stuff scares the crap outta me. The Democratic agenda is built on fairness. Obama’s tax plan? Fairness, his economic plan? Fairness, his foreign policy? Yep, you guessed it; fairness. He’s like the father of the kid who can’t hit the ball on the tee; so he says, “You know son, even though you lost, you’re a winner in my eyes”

I don’t feel as though paying higher taxes should demonstrate how much I love this country. I do feel on the other hand that my objection to the Obama/Biden candidacy and dismissing it as a publicity stunt for Socialist Nationals with a case of megalomania and Tourette syndrome demonstrates my love for America. You know why? My objection to the conventional wisdom of liberal elites and blind college kids foaming at the mouth for their master shows you how hard I’m going to fight for the constitution and all that the sacred document gives us. And will fight against the socialist progressive agenda of Barack Obama and the Democrats and all that it takes from us. Our money is just the beginning; our freedoms are next.

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